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OGF Media Overview
OGF Media Overview
The Open Grid Forum is an open community committed to driving the rapid evolution and adoption of applied distributed computing. Applied Distributed Computing is critical to developing new, innovative and scalable applications and infrastructures that are essential to productivity in the enterprise and within the science community. OGF accomplishes its work through open forums that build the community, explore trends, share best practices and consolidate these best practices into standards.

The Open Grid Forum can offer media and analysts a range of resources:

  • Access to technology and business leaders who can speak to a range of technology and market adoption issues
  • Insight into grid-related specifications, standards, roadmaps and timetables
  • Perspective on important trends in the business, scientific and academic application of grid technology
  • Pointers to the latest grid information including the OGF Document Series
  • Invitation to attend Open Grid Forum meetings and conferences around the world

For more information please contact:

Joel Replogle, OGF Executive Director

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