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OGF Affiliate Program Features and Benefits

The OGF Affiliate program enables consortia from around the world to experience the benefits of aligning with OGF’s global mission of accelerating grid adoption. An OGF Affiliate is a collection of organizations and individuals which serve the interests of a segment of the global OGF community in a manner consistent with the mission and principles of OGF. Affiliates focus on issues and developments in grid technologies that are important to its community and recognize, honor, and use the culture, customs, and language of its community to align with OGF’s global programs. Affiliates provide their members with their own benefit program according to their own chartered work. However, OGF has designed the following benefit program to support Affiliates as they deliver their own benefits to their members:


OGF Affiliates are established through a simple process defined in a separate document entitled “Procedures and Policies for OGF Affiliate Program?. For more information on becoming an OGF Affiliate, please contact:

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