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Individual Membership Program
OGF Individual Membership Program

Key individuals leading the adoption of grid solutions within their respective communities join OGF to contribute to the success of our mission through active participation and leadership at all levels of the organization. Together we work to accelerate the pervasive adoption of grids worldwide.

The OGF Individual Membership Program provides the following benefits to individuals who contribute their time and expertise to our mission.

  • INFLUENCE... On Directions and Priorities
Individual Members have a unique opportunity to influence the directions and priorities of OGF. Opportunities for influence range from participation in leadership positions to active contributions in groups and committees.
  • RECOGNITION... As a Leader Driving Grid Adoption
OGF members are respected leaders in the grid industry. As an independent voice in the grid landscape, OGF provides you opportunities to share your expertise while increasing visibility for your ideas and contributions.
  • INSIGHT... Into Grid Standards & Use Cases
OGF members are interested in collaborating with other grid experts, users, and practitioners. Working with other grid leaders enables you to share your insights and gain access to unparalleled expertise on a variety of important topics.


Applying for Membership

Individuals* may obtain and maintain membership by in one of two ways:
1) Sign up through our registration program and pay an annual membership fee of $200
2) Attending 2 of the previous 3 OGF events

Either option will allow you to maintain your membership, however, only the first option allows you to initiate a new membership.

If you have questions regarding individual membership, please contact our Membership Department.

  * Employees or designees of Organizational Members must register as well if they are to obtain event discounts, but will not be asked to agree to the membership agreement nor pay a fee.

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