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May 2008
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OGF23 Preview
OGF23 On-line Program Schedule Now Available!
Important OGF23 Deadlines
Welcome New Organizational Member Cybera
Documents Update: Newly Published Documents and Documents in Public Comment
Upcoming Events: OGF23 & 24, Open Source Grid and Cluster Conference, GCC08 and eScience 08
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OGF23 Preview
OGF23 is the largest and most important event taking place this year that will feature an extensive community program for all those interested in learning about Grid and distributed computing technologies. During the week, participants can choose from numerous sessions, workshops, seminars, keynote presentations and tutorials being offered by OGF and our event partners OGF-Europe and BEinGrid.

The OGF23 Welcome Address will be delivered by OGF President Craig Lee on Monday 2 June. The Monday keynote is presented by Les Robertson, leader of the LHC Computing Grid Project. Mario Campolargo, Head of Unit, DG INFSO/F3 - GEANT 6 e-Infrastructures, will outline Europe's vision and strategy for the future on Tuesday 3 June. The Joint OGF-BEinGRID keynote on Tuesday afternoon will be led by Diego Pavia, CEO of ATOS Origin Iberia.

OGF 23 includes a number of community-led sessions on the following topics:
  • Cloud Computing
  • Grid Access Paradigms: Exploring Grid Applications
  • Using Grid Techniques to Optimise Energy Efficiency
  • Databases in the Grid: tools, middleware and applications
  • Workflows in Commercial Grid Deployments
  • Dynamic Service Level Agreements
  • Ensuring Quality in Open Source Grid Software
  • Interoperability between Europe, Latin American, and Asian Grids.
OGF-Europe's program features a Community Outreach Seminar on Digital Repositories, Tutorials and an Exhibition and Poster Gallery, making the week full of exciting content & useful networking:

Community Outreach Seminar on Digital Repositories
The first in a series of Outreach Seminars is dedicated to exploring how interoperability of Digital Repositories is successfully leveraging Grid technologies & data infrastructures. This full-day seminar sets the scene with discussions on state-of-the-art and visionary repositories from government, research and enterprise perspectives. Presentations include a talk from Fabrizio Gagliardi, Microsoft and Andreas Aschenbrenner, Goettingen University. A series of user case studies focus on several specific domains with talks highlighting how top-level challenges for standards & interoperability are being tackled. Luigi Fusco from the European Space Agency (ESA) looks at Earth Science. The talk on National Resource Science focuses on production DL infrastructure on Grid-enabled technologies with a presentation from the D4Science project. Mark Hedges from King's College (UK) examines Digital Repositories from the perspective of the Arts & Humanities. The afternoon session explores horizontal issues surrounding standards, interoperability and data infrastructures. Donatella Castelli, CNR-ISTI, examines software architectures, while Hans Pfeiffenberger, Alfred Wegener Institut, evaluates data sharing policies with particular reference to the International Polar Year Case. The Enabling Grids for EsciencE project (EGEE) is represented by Flavia Donno, with a talk dedicated to web processing services. The seminar offers important opportunities for networking and also features two roundtables.

In-depth Tutorials
The tutorial program will feature sessions designed to transfer practical skills in implementing and deploying grid solutions. One tutorial will focus on a core set of OGF standards related to management on computing activities. Developers will be expertly guided in applying core OGF specifications to implement job execution service using the BES plus HPC extensions, JSDL and GLUE. Participants will be instructed on how three leading European middleware providers (ARC, gLite and UNICORE) are implementing such specifications.

Another set of tutorials is aimed at deploying data management solution is a distributed data environment. The iRODS (integrated Rule-Oriented Data System) tutorial will enable participants to install the iRODS open-source software, create rules to control the management of a data collection, and validate selected assessment criteria. iRODS automates the execution of administrative policies, enforcement of management processes, and validation of assessment criteria for distributed data collections.

The OGSA-DAI 3.0 tutorial will outline the problem space within which OGSA-DAI sits and describe how OGSA-DAI can be used to realise common data access and integration scenarios. Attendees will learn about the key features of OGSA-DAI, its pros and cons, and how they can exploit and benefit from OGSA-DAI 3.0 in their own projects.

There will also be a tutorial on Storage Resource Management (SRM) implementations.

Exhibition & Poster Display: 3-5 June
The OGF-Europe Exhibition is an important part of this multi-faceted event. The Exhibition will showcase achievements by EU-based and international organizations, including projects and vendors that have developed Grids that are bringing value-add for business & science. Displays will also focus on Grid developments through national initiatives and international partnerships, focusing on interoperation & developments fostering broader Grid adoption.

The Poster Gallery will illustrate Grid technology developments with an 'eye-to-the-future' view of Europe's investments in and how different user communities can reap the benefits. The Posters and promotional material will highlight concerted efforts towards standardization at an EU and global level. For more information on the Exhibition and poster gallery, please contact ogf23@ogfeurope.eu

The BEinGRID Industry Days are addressed to Grid experts and anyone interested in learning how Grid is the solution for their business. This 2.5-day event will demonstrate real-world applications of Grid in a wide range of sectors including finance, supply chain management, media, leisure and environmental sciences, among others. These practical examples are complemented by internationally recognized experts in Grid who have a clear business approach. Sectors will be highlighted, showcasing Grid solutions through demos of successful BEinGRID Business Experiments, guest-speakers keynotes, success stories from the software and services industry, and roundtables.

OGF23 On-line Program Schedule Now Available!
The detailed on-line program schedule for OGF23 is now available!

Important OGF23 Deadlines
OGF23 Registration
Register today to take advantage of the discounted rate which expires on May 16. Registration is available by fax or online.

OGF23 Hotel Reservations
OGF has secured a block of sleeping rooms at the Barcelo Sants Hotel (meeting location). Reservations must be made on or before May 4, to receive the discounted rate. Due to the busy travel season in June, attendees are encouraged to book as early as possible. Reservations can be made by calling the hotel directly (be sure to reference 'OGF23') or online.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsoring OGF events provides numerous opportunities for your organization to gain greater visibility and recognition as a Grid leader in our global community.

Welcome New Organizational Member Cybera
Please join OGF in welcoming Cybera to it's roster of organizational members. Cybera is a non-profit organization with a mandate to provide provincial leadership in integrating, leveraging and sustaining investments in Cyberinfrastructure (CI) technologies in Alberta, Canada. Cybera maintains primary offices and staff at the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta.

Documents Update
Recently Published OGF Documents
The following OGF documents were published in April. Congratulations to all the authors and working group members involved in getting this important work accomplished!

Document Title Document
Author(s) Area/Group
GFD.130 Distributed Resource Management Application API 1.0 - IDL Specification Proposed Recommendation P. Troger, D. Templeton, R. Brobst, A. Haas, H. Rajic Applications
GFD.129 The Storage Resource Manager Interface Specification Version 2.2 Proposed Recommendation A. Sim, A. Shoshani Data
GFD.128 Grid Optical Burst Switched Networks (GOBS) Informational R. Nejabati Infrastructure

Documents in Public Comment
Prior to formally publishing a document, OGF solicits "public comments" from the greater grid community, which is an important step in the OGF document process. The following documents are currently available for public comment. Please take a moment to provide your feedback.

Title Document Type Author(s) Group Make/View Comments
HPC File Staging Profile, Version 1.0 Proposed Recommendation G. Wasson, M. Humphrey HPCP-WG Make/View Comments
Information & Data Modeling in OGSA® Grids Informational E. Stokes, S. Andreozzi, M. Drescher, A. Savva OGSA-WG Make/View Comments
OGSA® Basic Security Profile 2.0 Proposed Recommendation D. Snelling, D. Merrill, A. Savva OGSA-WG Make/View Comments
OGSA-DMI Functional Specification 1.0 Proposed Recommendation M. Antonioletti, M. Drescher, A. Luniewski, S. Newhouse, R. Madduri OGSA-DMI-WG Make/View Comments

Upcoming Events
  • OGF23 Co-located with the BEinGRID Industry Event Barcelona, Spain June 2-6, 2008
  • OGF24 Co-located with GridAsia08 Singapore September 15-19, 2008
Other Events
  • Open Source Grid and Cluster Conference, Marriott City Center, Oakland, CA, May 12-16, 2008
    The Open Source Grid & Cluster Conference program includes tracks dedicated to Globus (GlobusWorld), Grid Engine (Grid Engine Workshop), and Rocks (Rocks Cluster Workshop). Other sessions will cover related open source grid and cluster software, and present cross-cutting material focused on end-user applications and grid and cluster operations.
  • Grid Computing Conference 2008 (GCC '08), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 15-16, 2008
    GCC '08 is a two-day conference organised by MIMOS Berhad, an agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), in conjunction with the World Congress on Information Technology 2008 (WCIT `08) hosted by the Government of Malaysia. The Conference will highlight KnowledgeGRID Malaysia (formerly known as the National Grid Computing) initiatives and how it can optimise costs; enhance the competitiveness and agility of industries and enterprises; identifying grid computing technology and market trends; grid-related projects and applications in Malaysia and global; and grid computing deployment in private and public sectors across the world.
  • eScience 2008 Conference, Indiana University/Purdue University Campus (IUPUI), Indianapolis, IN, December 7-12, 2008
    Organizing committees of the 4th International IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Scalable Computing eScience 2008 Conference are now accepting papers and proposals for tutorials; posters, exhibits and demos; workshops and special sessions. The conference is being held in partnership with the Microsoft Research eScience Workshop and is hosted by Indiana University.

Newsletter Contributors Needed
The purpose of the OGF GridConnections newsletter is to inform and educate the greater grid community about our activities and accomplishments. If you have any news you would like to submit for the newsletter, please do not hesitate to do so. You, our members, drive all of the significant events, activities and accomplishments of our community and we would love to hear from you. Just send an email to the GridConnections editor. We welcome your input!







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