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The 20th Open Grid Forum - OGF20/EGEE 2nd User Forum
May 7 - 11, 2007
Manchester Central
Manchester, UK

The DEADLINE for scheduling requests for WG/RG/CGs is 16 March, 2007.
The DEADLINE for AD Hoc/Charter Discussion BOF's is 16 March, 2007. No Late Requests Will Be Accepted.

DOCUMENTS (for OGF20 CG/WG/RG Sessions)
DEADLINE for submitting working drafts for OGF20 is 6 April, 2007.

Post drafts for discussion at OGF20 into your current drafts folder in your GridForge project. When you request a working session at OGF20 you will be asked for the url(s) that point to your draft document(s).

Naming Convention:
For drafts accepted as working groups documents, acronym is that of the working group:
draft-ggf-[acronym]-[short title]-[version].doc

For individual submissions:
draft-ggf-[author]-[short title]-[version].doc

Number of Sessions per group
Groups are allotted two sessions per event. If additional sessions are requested, approval from your Area Director must be obtained.

Session Duration
You may select a session duration of either 45 or 90-minutes. Please consider using a 45-minute slot for "Presentation" sessions ("outreach" or "education" aimed primarily at tourists), and using 90-minute sessions for collaborative work on specifications or other documents ("Group Discussion" sessions).



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