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The 20th Open Grid Forum - OGF20/EGEE 2nd User Forum
May 7 - 11, 2007
Manchester Central
Manchester, UK


OGF19 will offer two informative workshops, Web 2.0 on Monday, January 29th and Federated Identity and Grids on Tuesday, January 30th. Please see descriptions of the workshops below:

OGF Web 2.0 and Grids Workshop
Monday January 29, 2007

This one day workshop will consist of invited and contributed papers in a single track. The final session of the day will be a panel summarizing and discussing field. The meeting will be summarized in a document that will be made available after the event. All presentations will be available online and if there is interest from presenters we will publish selected contributions as follow up papers in a journal special issue. The workshop should be of interest to researchers and developers in Web 2.0, Semantic Web and Grid technologies. Further system developers and decision makers can learn how one can expect Web 2.0 and Grids can be used either synergistically or competitively to build services and workflows.

Web 2.0 encompasses annotation services like, social networking and collaboration sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. There are simple but pervasive compute and storage services from Amazon and online office products from Google. Web 2.0 tends to use mashups,java_script, Ajax and REST; Grids use workflow, BPEL, WSDL and SOAP. We have simplicity for common cases contrasted with powerful robust general Grid services. BitTorrent competes with GridFTP for transport.

We seek contributed papers, suggestions for invited talks and volunteers to produce the summary best practice document. Please send your comments or submissions for contributed sessions to or before December 1 2006. Contributions should be described in a 2 page extended abstract with online links. Industry, government and academic contributions are all welcome. All speakers must agree to have their talk placed online by OGF.

OGF Federated Identity and Grids Workshop
Tuesday January 30, 2007

This one day workshop will consist of set of presentations and discussions about the integration of federated identity with Grids. As a emergent new inter-realm trust mechanism, federated identity offers much to address the scaling and complexity needs of identity management in Grids.

The first half of the workshop provides an overview of federated identity technologies such as SAML/Shibboleth and WS-* and their integration with the Grid. Through a set of major case studies, developers can learn the approaches to integrate federated identity into their applications and development environment. The second part of the workshop will focus more on the issues of deployments. These topics include both the policy dimensions of federated identity and the issues of change management and bootstrapping federated identity into existing security approaches.

Federated identity has emerged as an effective set of protocols and implementations that extend enterprise identity management to inter-realm use cases. Based on the ability of the user's home institution to authenticate the user and provision basic information (including both identifiers and attributes) to relying parties such as Grids, federated identity provides potential improvements in usability, security and privacy. Integrating enterprise worlds with virtual organization roles and activities addresses a number of difficult use cases in science and education.

OGF19 PC Members

Alan Blatecky - UNC/RENCI (Chair)

Cheryl Doniger - SAS

Craig Lee - The Aerospace Corporation

David Snelling - Fujitsu

Geoffrey Fox - Indiana University

Gary Tyreman - Platform

John S. Hurley - Boeing

Nate Klingenstein - Internet 2

Robert Fogel - Intel






















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