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OGF25/EGEE User Forum
OGF25/EGEE User Forum
EGEE User Forum/OGF25 & OGF Europe's 2nd International Event.
Le Ciminiere
Catania, Italy
March 2-6, 2009

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Connecting & Catalysing User Groups for Best Practices & Standards

2-6 March 2009, Catania, Sicily, Italy

"With grids enabling major scientific collaborations, the implications of green IT for data centers, and the enthusiasm of the IT industry for cloud computing, distributed computing is in a challenging phase of its evolution. Come to Catania to interact with the EGEE and OGF communities, and learn about these topics and more." - Martin Walker, Event Programme Chair

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Registrants can choose between online payment with a credit card (Visa and Master card accepted through PayPal) or payment by bank transfer. Full week registration includes conference material, two coffee breaks per day (except Friday), four lunches, a brunch on the Friday and two networking cocktails.

EGEE, OGF and OGF-Europe are spearheading efforts to connect developers, users and newcomers to distributed computing for the benefit of business and research, now and in the future. The EGEE 4th User Forum / OGF25 & OGF-Europe’s 2nd International Event will catalyse people from diverse sectors to drive forward the evolution of distributed computing and open standards for the knowledge-based economy.

This premier event in Europe will help to strengthen existing business and research communities and foster new relationships and collaborative developments on a European and global level. Special emphasis will be placed on showcasing high-level technological developments, identifying best practices, evaluating user requirements and deliberating the top priorities for the future.

EGEE 4th User Forum/OGF25 & OGF-Europe’s 2nd International Event is a multi-faceted event featuring keynote talks delivered by high-profile experts from business, government and research, and a series of parallel and joint sessions focusing on specific sectors and technologies.

Programme Highlights

OGF-Europe will offer workshops on:
  • Green IT - Using IT to Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Digital Repositories
  • Software Development Tools for Distributed Computing
This program draws attention to the importance of standards as key to European innovation by creating communities around specific use cases and top-level challenges.

In-depth Tutorials will focus on Managing Computational Activities on the Grid - from Specifications to Implementation and on How New Communities can get access to a grid infrastructure.

OGF will be hosting sessions on specifications and focused meetings aimed at driving forward standardisation efforts.

The EGEE 4th User Forum will spotlight the work of scientific researchers using the EGEE computing infrastructure with sessions comprising Astronomy & Astrophysics; Bioinformatics and Medical Imaging; Computational Chemistry; Data Management; Earth Sciences; and new application areas.

"There couldn't be a better timing for this collaboration," says Vangelis Floros, Programme Committtee Chair for the EGEE 4th User Forum. "European Grid infrastructures are reaching a turning point, starting their transition to an NGI-based sustainable model. User communities are interested in contributing to the successful outcome of this process. This event brings together standards people with grid user communities in order to strengthen their relationships and bridge the world of standards with the world of grid applications."

Find out more about individual and joint event programmes.

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