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OGF25 Call for Session Proposals
OGF25/EGEE User Forum
March 2-6, 2009
Catania, Italy

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EGEE-User Forum/OGF25 & OGF-Europe's 2nd International Event

2-6 March 2009 in Catania, Italy. Hosted by INFN

"With grids enabling major scientific collaborations, the implications of green IT for data centers, and the enthusiasm of the IT industry for cloud computing, distributed computing is in a challenging phase of its evolution. Come to Catania to interact with the EGEE and OGF communities, and learn about these topics and more." - Martin Walker, Event Programme Chair

EGEE User Forum, OGF25 and OGF-Europe’s 2nd international event join forces, 2-6 March 2009 in Catania, Sicily, hosted by INFN. This major event in the arena of distributed computing, will serve to connect and catalyse user groups for best practices and standardisation.

Event programmes seek to strengthen existing industrial and eScience communities within EGEE, OGF and OGF-Europe by providing a forum to foster new relationships and collaborations based on common interests, and develop best practices and technical specifications related to distributed systems and grids.

The following rich, three featured event brings to the table specific objectives offering participants a wide range of opportunities to engage with diverse user communities and blending a mix of both organisation specific and joint interest sessions. Specific objectives consist of:
  1. EGEE User Forums provide members of the grid community exploiting the technologies developed by EGEE and various collaborating projects, an opportunity to present their work, discuss grid technology use with colleagues, and learn about advances in middleware and application services.
  2. OGF events connect the community of users, developers, and vendors leading the pervasive adoption of distributed computing for research and industry worldwide, with the aim of shaping its programme to play a critical role in OGF’s mission of standards adoption.
  3. OGF-Europe’s international events feature Community Outreach Seminars focusing on identifying key themes of interest, capturing use cases illustrating successful Grid adoption and fostering interactive discussions as well as offer in-depth tutorials on adoption and standard implementation for IT decision-makers and managers.
This call for participation is for parties interested in submitting session requests for the joint EGEE/OGF programme.

Event Profile

This event aims to attract between 500-700 participants from a range of organizations and individuals including: experts in the field of grid and distributed computing; researchers, IT strategists, administrators, developers and decision makers from research, industry and government institutions; commercial and open source solution providers; students and press and industry analysts. The combined efforts provides the perfect opportunity for participants to meet with developers of standards to understand requirements, best practices and to facilitate communication between end-users and standards developers and is the single most productive method of engaging new public and private institutions leading to further technical progress within a sustainable framework.

Plenary, Parallel Sessions & Thematic Priorities

The programme consists of plenary and parallel sessions comprising daily plenary sessions featuring distinguished keynote speakers, followed by parallel sessions focusing on grid use within the many user disciplines, and also on specific grid technologies and techniques. Parallel sessions will provide the opportunity for specific sessions for each OGF and EGEE as well as running joint sessions of mutual interest. Topics cover areas which include but are not restricted to:
  • Digital Libraries and Cultural Heritage
  • Digital Media and Digital Repositories
  • Collaborative Working Environments
  • Future Emerging Technologies
  • Green IT
  • Grids & Cloud Computing (interoperability, convergence, SOA aspects, user experiences, sustainability, industry analyst perspective)
  • Grid (issues, applications and technologies)
  • Networked, Smart and Virtual Organizations
  • Networking Topics (GLIF workshop, standards)
  • OGF specs: status and experience with implementations (e.g. HPC Basic Profile,..)
  • Open Source Technologies and Applications
  • Security and Identity Management
  • Software development for distributed computing

Tutorials and Training

OGF and OGF-Europe are also soliciting proposals for multiple half-day or full-day tutorials, which differ from workshops and other community content in that they are extremely hands-on activities with a clear expectation of knowledge and skill transfer. Tutorial topics may include: developing grid services; deploying grid tools; building grid applications; managing grid infrastructures; and other topics where skills can be taught and transferred to tutorial participants. Tutorials may also be targeted to enterprise primarily, decision makers such as managers or architects exploring grid technologies for the first time. In this case, a tutorial may include overviews of benefits, costs of deployment, timeframes and manpower requirements, and other useful information for organizations wishing to leverage grids.

EGEE User Forum / OGF25 International Programme Committee

To ensure the ease of submission, review and processing, an International Programme Committee will evaluate each of the session requests received. The Programme Committee will assume responsibility for correctly assigning proposed contributions to the various parts of the event.

Request for Sessions

The program committee will consider all session proposals for the joint OGF/EGEE programme based on the thematic areas and topics presented above. Each proposal for sessions is to be constructed for one or multiples of 1.5 hour slots together with an abstract and a description of potential speakers and target audience.

Please submit your proposal using the online submission form below.

Submission Deadline: 15 December 2008
Notification of acceptance: 15 January 2009

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