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OGF25/EGEE User Forum
Le Ciminiere
Catania, Italy
March 2-6, 2009

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The event schedule may be viewed here.

The Event program consists of a variety of plenary and parallel sessions comprising daily plenary sessions featuring distinguished keynote speakers, followed by parallel sessions focusing on grid use within the many user disciplines, and also on specific grid technologies and techniques. Parallel sessions will provide the opportunity for specific sessions for each OGF and EGEE as well as running joint sessions of mutual interest. Topics aim to cover areas such as:
  • Digital Libraries and Cultural Heritage
  • Digital Media and Digital Repositories
  • Collaborative Working Environments
  • Future Emerging Technologies
  • Green IT
  • Grids & Cloud Computing (interoperability, convergence, SOA aspects, user experiences, sustainability, industry analyst perspective)
  • Grid (issues, applications and technologies)
  • Networked, Smart and Virtual Organizations
  • Networking Topics (GLIF workshop, standards)
  • OGF specs: status and experience with implementations (e.g. HPC Basic Profile,..)
  • Open Source Technologies and Applications
  • Security and Identity Management
  • Software development for distributed computing

Request for Sessions for joint OGF/EGEE program

The program committee will consider all session proposals for the based on, but not limited to, a set of thematic areas and topics presented above. Each proposal for sessions is to be constructed for one or multiples of 1.5 hour slots together with an abstract and a description of potential speakers and target audience.

Please submit your proposal using the online submission form at:
Submission Deadline: 15 December 2008
Notification: 15 January 2009

Tutorials and Training

OGF and OGF-Europe are also soliciting proposals for multiple half-day or full-day tutorials, which differ from workshops and other community content in that they are extremely hands-on activities with a clear expectation of knowledge and skill transfer. Tutorial topics may include: developing grid services; deploying grid tools; building grid applications; managing grid infrastructures; and other topics where skills can be taught and transferred to tutorial participants. Tutorials may also be targeted to enterprise primarily, decision makers such as managers or architects exploring grid technologies for the first time. In this case, a tutorial may include overviews of benefits, costs of deployment, timeframes and manpower requirements, and other useful information for organizations wishing to leverage grids.

Submitted Session Proposals will be reviewed by the EGEE User Forum/ OGF25 Program Committee.

EGEEUF / OGF25 International Programme Committee

Chair: Martin Antony Walker
Roberto Barbera, INFN, IT
Vangelis Floros, GRNET, GR
Geoffrey Fox, Indiana Univ. Computer Science, US
Wolfgang Gentzsch, DEISA-2 and Open Grid Forum BoD, DE
Kristi Hamilton, OGF, US
Hilary Hanahoe, OGF.eeig, UK
Stefan Heinzel, Max-Planck-Institut, DE
Sy Holsinger, Trust-IT Services, UK
Bob Jones, CERN, CH
Erwin Laure , CERN, CH
Hermann Lederer - Max-Planck-Institut, DE
Cal Loomis, LAL, FR
Craig Lee, OGF, US
Mirco Mazzucato, INFN, IT
Silvana Muscella, OGF.eeig, UK
Per Oster, CSC, FI
Joel Replogle, OGF, US
Satoshi Sekiguchi, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, JP
Chris Smith, Platform, US
Paul Strong, eBay, US
David Wallom, Oxford University, UK
Lawrence Wong, National University Singapore, SG


Programme Chair - Martin Antony Walker
Specific to EGEE User Form - Vangelis Floros
Specific to OGF - Joel Replogle
Programme Committee Contact for Regional Initiatives - Roberto Barbera

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