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OGF25/EGEE User Forum
Le Ciminiere
Catania, Italy
March 2-6, 2009

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Over 600 people attended the 4th EGEE User Forum/OGF25 in Catania, Italy in early March 2009. Thanks to the tireless work of people behind the scenes, particularly from EGEE, OGF-Europe, and our local host INFN, the event ran smoothly and allowed the exceptional content to take center stage.

“I think that OGF25 was a great success. The co-location with the EGEE User Forum results in a conference with an excellent breadth of topics and interests, so much so that it’s always hard to decide which sessions to attend! I also think that OGF25 was a success, not only as a conference, but from the point of view of the standards activities that occurred.

This was the first OGF where the Production Grid Infrastructure working group met, and they had some very successful sessions, both in terms of outreach and working sessions. We also can look forward to the formation of a couple of new working groups. The Cloud Computing API BoF attracted over 100 people, and had quite widespread interest in moving forward as a working group. Also, the workshop on Green IT resulted in the desire to form a 'CO2 working group', which will work on standards that help organizations to operate their data centres in more 'green efficient' ways.

I’m quite excited to see the birth of these new activities in OGF. It speaks to the desire of various communities of interest to work on standards and specifications within the open model that the OGF provides. I look forward to watching as these activities unfold.?
-Paul Strong, Ebay and OGF Board Member

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