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Document Title Document
Author(s) Publication Date Area/Group
> GFD.208 On-Demand Infrastructure Services Provisioning Best Practices CP P. Brzozwski, S. Campbell, T. Coulouarn, Y. Demchenko, F. Dijkstra, M. Giertych, JAG. Espin, E. Grasa, C. Guok, J. vd. Ham, R. Krzywania, T. Kudoh, M. Lemay, A. Takefusa, A. Willner, Y. Xin 2013-09-16 Infrastructure
> GFD.205 An XACML Attribute and Obligation Profile for Authorization Interoperability in Grids CP R.Ananthakrishnan, G. Garzoglio, O. Koeroo 2013-06-15 Sercurity
> GFD.191 Procedure for Registration of Subnamespace Identifiers in the URN:OGF Hierarchy CP F. Dijkstra, R. Hughes-Jones, G. Newby, J. Replogle 2011-12-13 -
> GFD.152 Open Grid Forum Document Process and Requirements [Obsoletes GFD.1] CP C. Catlett, C. de Laat, D. Martin, G. Newby, D. Skow 2009-06-24 GFSG
> GFD.125 Grid Certificate Profile CP D. Groep, M. Helm, J. Jensen, M. Sova, S. Rea, R. Karlsen-Masur, U. Epting, M. Jones 2008-03-31 CAOPS-WG
> GFD.116 Nomination Committee (NOMCOM) Process Charter CP R. Yahyapour, D. Martin, C. de Laat 2007-08-28 GFSG
> GFD.84 Standardised Namespaces for XML infosets in OGF [Obsoletes GFD.58] CP M. Drescher, A. Anjomshoaa 2006-12-08 -
> GFD.63 Copyright, Disclaimer and Intellectual Property Statements CP D. Martin 2006-03-26 GFSG
> GFD.62 Policy Management Authority Model Charter CP R. Cowles, T. Genovese, P. Gietz, M. Helm 2006-02-01 Grid Operations
> GFD.58 Standardised Namespaces for XML infosets in GGF [Obsoleted by GFD.84] CP M. Drescher, A. Anjomshoaa 2006-01-13 -
> GFD.34 Documentation Required to Request Formation of a Working Group in the GGF CP J. Schopf, P. Clarke, B. Nitzberg, C. Catlett GFSG
> GFD.19 Job Description for GGF Steering Group Members CP J. Schopf, P. Clarke, B. Nitzberg, C. Catlett GFSG
> GFD.16 Global Grid Forum Certificate Policy Model CP R. Butler, T. Genovese SEC
> GFD.3 GGF Management CP C. Catlett, I. Foster, W. Johnston GFSG
> GFD.2 GGF Structure CP C. Catlett, I. Foster, W. Johnston GFSG
> GFD.1 GGF Document Series [Obsoleted by OGF.152] CP C. Catlett GFSG

Document Type Legend:
INFO: Informational
EXP: Experimental
CP: Community Practice
REC: Full Recommendation
P-REC: Proposed Recommendation

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