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> GFD.201 EMI StAR – Definition of a Storage Accounting Record INFO H. T. Jensen, J. K. Nilsen, P. Millar, R. Müller-Pfefferkorn, Z. Molnar, R. Salli 2013-04-22 Management
> GFD.197 Example set of DFDL 1.0 properties INFO S. Hanson 2012-09-06 Data
> GFD.190 Mapping between DFDL 1.0 Infoset and XML Data Model INFO S. Hanson 2011-08-30 Data
> GFD.189 Relying Party Defined Namespace Constraints Policies in a Policy Bridge PKI Environment INFO D. Groep, J. Jensen 2011-06-06 Security
> GFD.182 The VOMS Attribute Certificate Format INFO V. Ciaschini, V. Venturi, A. Ceccanti 2011-08-01 Security
> GFD.181 OGF-Production Grid Infrastructure: Glossary of Acronyms and Terms, Version 1.0 INFO E. Urbah 2011-03-20 Architecture
> GFD.180 OGF-Production Grid Infrastructure: Use Case Collection, Version 1.0 INFO M. Riedel, J. Watzl 2011-03-20 Architecture
> GFD.175 Translating From DCN to NDL and Back Again INFO J. van der Ham 2011-01-24 Infrastructure
> GFD.173 Network Services Framework v1.0 INFO G. Roberts, T. Kudoh, I. Monga, J. Sobieski, J. Vollbrecht 2010-12-15 Infrastructure
> GFD.170 Inter-Domain Controller (IDC) Protocol Specification INFO T. Lehman, C. Guok, A. Lake, R. Krzywania, M. Balkcerkiewicz 2010-11-29 Infrastructure
> GFD.169 Guidelines for auditing Grid CAs version 1.0 INFO Y. Tanaka, M. Viljoen, S. Rea 2010-04-19 Security
> GFD.168 RISGE-RG Collection of Use Cases INFO M. Plociennik 2010-04-19 e-Research
> GFD.165 Network Topology Descriptions in Hybrid Networks INFO P. Grosso, A. Brown, A. Cedeyn, F. Dijkstra, J. van der Ham, A. Patil, P. Primet, M. Swany, J. Zurawski 2010-03-08 Infrastructure
> GFD.164 A Framework of Online Community based Expertise Information Retrieval on Grid INFO E. Huh, P. Lee, G. Newby 2010-01-14 e-Research
> GFD.163 WS-DAI RDF(S) Realization: Introduction, Motivational Use Cases and Terminologies INFO M. Antonioletti, C. B. Aranda, O. Corcho, M. Esteban-Gutierrez, A. Gomez-Perez, I. Kojima, S. Lynden, S. Pahlevi 2009-12-30 Data
> GFD.162 Open Cloud Computing Interface - Use cases and requirements for a Cloud API INFO T. Metsch 2010-01-14 Infrastructure
> GFD.161 Multi-Server Based Namespace Data Management of Resource Namespace Service INFO L. Guo, X. Wang, M. Xu, W. Zhou 2009-12-30 Data
> GFD.156 Functional Components of Grid Service Provider Authorisation Service Middleware INFO D. Chadwick 2009-10-29 Security
> GFD.155 Towards Professional Grid Certification INFO R. Berlich, K. Schwarz, K. Cassidy 2009-10-12 ET-CG
> GFD.153 Policy for Supporting Grid and e-Science Education and Training INFO M. Atkinson, E. Vander Meer 2009-06-24 ET-CG
> GFD.150 Using Clouds to Provide Grids Higher-Levels of Abstraction and Explicit Support for Usage Modes INFO S. Jha, A. Merzky, G. Fox 2009-05-12 -
> GFD.145 Guidelines of Requirements for Grid Systems v1.0 INFO R. Subramaniam, T. Nakata, S. Itoh, Y. Oyanagi, A. Takefusa, T. AnzakI, K. Mizoguchi, H. Tazaki, T. Mori, T. Suzuki, M. Hamada, T. Maeshiro, H. Takashima, M. Yoshioka 2009-02-14 EGR-RG
> GFD.143 Distributed Resource Management Application API 1.0 – Python Language Binding Info P. Tröger, M. Löwis, E. Sirola 2009-01-10 Applications
> GFD.142 Requirements on operating Grids in Firewalled Environments INFO T. Metsch, L. Gommans, E. Grünter, R. Niederberger, A. de Smet, G. L. Volpato 2008-10-30 Security
> GFD.141 Independent Software Vendors (ISV) Remote Computing Usage Primer INFO S. Newhouse, A. Grimshaw 2008-10-07 Architecture
> GFD.139 OGF22 Data Workshop Report INFO D. Martin, E. Laure, J. Replogle 2008-08-29 GFSG
> GFD.137 Information and Data Modeling in OGSA® Grids INFO E. Stokes, S. Andreozzi, M. Drescher, A. Savva 2008-07-28 Architecture
> GFD.128 Grid Optical Burst Switched Networks (GOBS) INFO R. Nejabati 2008-04-15 Infrastructure
> GFD.127 Configuration Description, Deployment and Lifecycle Management Working Group (CDDLM-WG) Final Report INFO P. Toft, S. Loughran 2008-03-31 Management
> GFD.126 2nd International Workshop on Campus and Community Grids INFO W. Gentzsch, D. Wallom, L. McGinnis 2008-03-31 PGS-RG
> GFD.123 Defining the Grid: A Roadmap for OGSA® Standards v1.1 [Obsoletes GFD.53] INFO C. Jordan, H. Kishimoto 2008-02-12 Architecture
> GFD.122 Grid Network Services Use Cases from the e-Science Community INFO T. Ferrari 2007-12-12 Infrastructure
> GFD.121 OGSA® Data Architecture INFO D. Berry, A. Luniewski, M. Antonioletti 2007-12-05 Data
> GFD.120 Open Grid Services Architecture® Glossary of Terms Version 1.6 [Obsoletes GFD.81] INFO J. Treadwell 2007-12-12 Architecture
> GFD.119 Execution Environment and Basic Execution Service Model in OGSA® Grids INFO E. Stokes 2007-10-12 Architecture
> GFD.118 Guidelines for Information Modeling for OGSA® Entities INFO F. Maciel 2008-06-28 Architecture
> GFD.113 Technical Strategy for the Open Grid Forum 2007-2010 INFO D. Snelling, C. Kantarjiev 2007-08-07 GFSG
> GFD.112 Grid - Distributed Computing at Scale, An overview of Grid and the Open Grid Forum INFO M. Linesch 2007-08-28 GFSG
> GFD.106 OGSA® EMS Architecture Scenarios, Version 1.0 INFO A. Savva, H. Kishimoto, S. Newhouse, D. Pulsipher 2007-05-11 Architecture
> GFD.100 HPC Job Scheduling: Base Case and Common Cases INFO M. Theimer, C. Smith, M. Humphrey 2007-05-03 Compute
> GFD.93 An Architecture for Grid Checkpoint and Recovery Services INFO N. Stone, D. Simmel, T. Kielmann, A. Merzky 2007-11-09 Applications
> GFD.92 Use-Cases and Requirements for Grid Checkpoint and Recovery INFO R. Badia, R. Hood, T. Kielmann, A. Merzky, C. Morin, S. Pickles, M. Sgaravatto, P. Stodghill, N. Stone, H. Yeom 2007-05-04 Applications
> GFD.89 Report for the GGF 15 Community Activity: Leveraging Site Infrastructure for Multi-Site Grids INFO V. Welch 2007-01-18 Security
> GFD.83 Firewall Issues Overview INFO R. Niederberger, W. Allcock, L. Gommans, E. Grünter, T. Metsch, I. Monga, G. L. Volpato, C. Grimm 2006-10-27 Security
> GFD.81 Open Grid Services Architecture® Glossary of Terms Version 1.5 [Obsoletes GFD.44] [Obsoleted by GFD.120] INFO J. Treadwell 2006-09-05 Architecture
> GFD.80 The Open Grid Services Architecture, Version 1.5 [Obsoletes GFD.30] INFO I. Foster, H. Kishimoto, A. Savva, D. Berry, A. Grimshaw, B. Horn, F. Maciel, F. Siebenlist, R. Subramaniam, J. Treadwell, J. Von Reich 2006-09-05 Architecture
> GFD.79 Report for the GGF 16 BoF for Grid Developers and Deployers Leveraging Shibboleth INFO V. Welch 2006-09-05 Security
> GFD.78 Grid Security Infrastructure Message Specification INFO V. Welch 2006-09-05 Security
> GFD.77 Interoperability Testing for DAIS Working Group Specifications INFO S. Lynden, N. Paton, D. Pearson 2006-09-05 Data
> GFD.71 A Requirements Analysis for a Simple API for Grid Applications INFO S. Jha, A. Merzky 2006-09-06 Applications
> GFD.70 A Collection of Use Cases for a Simple API for Grid Applications INFO S. Jha, A. Merzky 2006-05-17 Applications
> GFD.68 Workshop on Grid Applications: From Early Adopters to Mainstream Users INFO D. Wallom, T. Kielmann 2006-04-04 Research Applications
> GFD.64 Grid Scheduling Use Cases INFO R. Yahyapour 2006-03-26 Compute
> GFD.61 The GGF Grid File System Architecture Workbook INFO A. Jagatheesan 2006-01-13 Data
> GFD.60 Grid Economy Use Cases INFO J. MacLaren, S. Newhouse, T. Haupt, K. Keahey, W. Lee 2006-01-13 Management
> GFD.59 OGSA® Profile Definition v1.0 INFO T. Maguire, D. Snelling 2006-01-13 Architecture
> GFD.55 A Survey of Transport Protocols other than "Standard" TCP INFO E. He, P. Vicat-Blanc Primet, M. Welzl 2005-11-27 Infrastructure
> GFD.53 Defining the Grid: A Roadmap for OGSA® Standards v 1.0 [Obsoleted by GFD.123] INFO H. Kishimoto, J. Treadwell 2005-09-29 Architecture
> GFD.49 Peer-To-Peer Requirements On The Open Grid Services Architecture Framework INFO K. Bhatia 2005-07-12 P2P
> GFD.48 Authority Recognition INFO P. Madsen, D. Chadwick 2005-05-10 SEC
> GFD.46 Operations for Access, Management, and Transport at Remote Sites INFO R. Moore 2005-05-10 DATA
> GFD.45 Resource Management in OGSA® INFO F. Maciel, J. Treadwell, L. Srinivasan, A. Westerinen, E. Stokes, H. Kreger, D. Snelling ARCH
> GFD.44 Open Grid Services Architecture® Glossary of Terms [Obsoleted by GFD.81] INFO J. Treadwell ARCH
> GFD.43 Security Requirements of Advanced Collaborative Environments (ACEs) INFO D. Agarwal, B. Corrie, J. Leigh, M. Lorch, J. Myers, R. Olson, M. E. Papka, M. Thompson APME
> GFD.42 Authorization Glossary INFO M. Lorch, M. Thompson SEC
> GFD.41 Survey of IPv4 Dependencies in Global Grid Forum Specifications INFO R. Sofia DATA
> GFD.40 Guidelines for IP version independence in GGF specifications INFO T. Chown, S. Jiang, J. Bound, P. O'Hanlon ARCH
> GFD.39 Applications and Programming Tools INFO T. Kielmann APME
> GFD.38 Conceptual Grid Authorization Framework and Classification INFO M. Lorch, B. Cowles, R. Baker, L. Gommans, P. Madsen, A. McNab, L. Ramakrishnan, K. Sankar, D. Skow, M. Thompson SEC
> GFD.37 Networking Issues for Grid Infrastructure INFO V. Sander DATA
> GFD.36 Optical Network Infrastructure for Grid INFO D. Simeonidou, R. Nejabati, B. St. Arnaud, M. Beck, P. Clarke, D. B. Hoang, D. Hutchison, G. Karmous-Edwards, T. Lavian, J. Leigh, J. Mambretti, V. Sander, J. Strand, F. Travostino DATA
> GFD.35 Management of Grid Services in Production Grids Workshop INFO J. Utley APME
> GFD.33 GGF UPDT User Development Tools Survey INFO S. Balle, R. Hood APME
> GFD.32 Site Requirements for Grid Authentication, Authorization and Accounting INFO S. Mullen, M. Crawford, M. Lorch, D. Skow SEC
> GFD.31 Open Grid Service Infrastructure Primer INFO T. Banks, A. Djaoui, S. Parastatids, A. Mani, S. Tuecke, K. Czajkowski, I. Foster, J. Frey, S. Graham, C. Kesselman, T. Maguire, T. Sandholm, D. Snelling, P. Vanderbilt ARCH
> GFD.30 The Open Grid Services Architecture®, Version 1.0 [Obsoleted by GFD.80] INFO I. Foster, H. Kishimoto, A. Savva, D. Berry, A. Djaoui, A. Grimshaw, B. Horn, F. Maciel, F. Siebenlist, R. Subramaniam, J. Treadwell, J. Von Reich ARCH
> GFD.29 Open Grid Services Architecture® Use Cases INFO I. Foster, D. Gannon, H. Kishimoto, Jeffrin J. Von Reich ARCH
> GFD.28 Job Submission Information Model INFO E. Stokes, L. Flon ISP
> GFD.27 Grid Information Retrieval Requirements INFO K. Gamiel, G. Newby, N. Nassar ISP
> GFD.26 Persistent Archive Concepts INFO R. Moore, A. Merzky DATA
> GFD.25 An analysis of "Top N" Event Descriptions INFO D. Gunter, J. Magowan ISP
> GFD.18 An Analysis of the UNICORE Security Modal INFO T.Goss-Walter, R.Letz, T.Kentemich, H.-C Hoppe SEC
> GFD.17 CA-based Trust Issues for Grid Authentication and Identity Delegation INFO M. Thompson, D. Olson, R. Cowles, S. Mullen, M. Helm SEC
> GFD.14 Services for Data Access and Data Processing on Grids INFO V. Raman, I. Narang, C. Crone, L. Haas, S. Malaika, T. Mukai, D. Wolfson, C. Baru DATA
> GFD.13 Grid Database Access and Integration: Requirements and Functionalities INFO M. P. Atkinson, V. Dialani, L. Guy, I. Narang, N.W. Paton, D. Pearson, T. Storey, P. Watson DATA
> GFD.12 Security Implications of Typical Grid Computing Usage Scenarios INFO M. Humphrey, M. Thompson SEC
> GFD.11 Grid Scheduling Dictionary of Terms and Keywords INFO M. Roehrig, W. Ziegler, P. Wieder SRM
> GFD.10 Grid User Services Common Practices INFO J. Towns, J. Ferguson, D. Frederick, G. Myers APME
> GFD.9 Overview of Grid Computing Environments INFO G. Fox, M. Pierce, D. Gannon, M. Thomas APME
> GFD.8 A Simple Case Study of a Grid Performance System INFO R. Aydt, D. Gunter, W. Smith, M. Swany, B. Tierney, V. Taylor ISP
> GFD.7 A Grid Monitoring Architecture INFO B. Tierney, R. Aydt, D. Gunter, W. Smith, M. Swany, V. Taylor, R. Wolski ISP
> GFD.6 Attributes for Communication Between Scheduling Instances INFO U. Schwiegelshohn, R. Yahyapour SRM
> GFD.4 Ten Actions When Superscheduling INFO J. Schopf SRM

Document Type Legend:
INFO: Informational
EXP: Experimental
CP: Community Practice
REC: Full Recommendation
P-REC: Proposed Recommendation

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