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Document Title Document
Author(s) Publication Date Area/Group
> GFD.4 Ten Actions When Superscheduling INFO J. Schopf SRM
> GFD.6 Attributes for Communication Between Scheduling Instances INFO U. Schwiegelshohn, R. Yahyapour SRM
> GFD.7 A Grid Monitoring Architecture INFO B. Tierney, R. Aydt, D. Gunter, W. Smith, M. Swany, V. Taylor, R. Wolski ISP
> GFD.8 A Simple Case Study of a Grid Performance System INFO R. Aydt, D. Gunter, W. Smith, M. Swany, B. Tierney, V. Taylor ISP
> GFD.9 Overview of Grid Computing Environments INFO G. Fox, M. Pierce, D. Gannon, M. Thomas APME
> GFD.10 Grid User Services Common Practices INFO J. Towns, J. Ferguson, D. Frederick, G. Myers APME
> GFD.11 Grid Scheduling Dictionary of Terms and Keywords INFO M. Roehrig, W. Ziegler, P. Wieder SRM
> GFD.12 Security Implications of Typical Grid Computing Usage Scenarios INFO M. Humphrey, M. Thompson SEC
> GFD.13 Grid Database Access and Integration: Requirements and Functionalities INFO M. P. Atkinson, V. Dialani, L. Guy, I. Narang, N.W. Paton, D. Pearson, T. Storey, P. Watson DATA
> GFD.14 Services for Data Access and Data Processing on Grids INFO V. Raman, I. Narang, C. Crone, L. Haas, S. Malaika, T. Mukai, D. Wolfson, C. Baru DATA

Document Type Legend:
INFO: Informational
EXP: Experimental
CP: Community Practice
REC: Full Recommendation
P-REC: Proposed Recommendation

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