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Document Title Document
Author(s) Publication Date Area/Group
> GFD.126 2nd International Workshop on Campus and Community Grids INFO W. Gentzsch, D. Wallom, L. McGinnis 2008-03-31 PGS-RG
> GFD.112 Grid - Distributed Computing at Scale, An overview of Grid and the Open Grid Forum INFO M. Linesch 2007-08-28 GFSG
> GFD.145 Guidelines of Requirements for Grid Systems v1.0 INFO R. Subramaniam, T. Nakata, S. Itoh, Y. Oyanagi, A. Takefusa, T. AnzakI, K. Mizoguchi, H. Tazaki, T. Mori, T. Suzuki, M. Hamada, T. Maeshiro, H. Takashima, M. Yoshioka 2009-02-14 EGR-RG
> GFD.139 OGF22 Data Workshop Report INFO D. Martin, E. Laure, J. Replogle 2008-08-29 GFSG
> GFD.153 Policy for Supporting Grid and e-Science Education and Training INFO M. Atkinson, E. Vander Meer 2009-06-24 ET-CG
> GFD.113 Technical Strategy for the Open Grid Forum 2007-2010 INFO D. Snelling, C. Kantarjiev 2007-08-07 GFSG
> GFD.155 Towards Professional Grid Certification INFO R. Berlich, K. Schwarz, K. Cassidy 2009-10-12 ET-CG
> GFD.150 Using Clouds to Provide Grids Higher-Levels of Abstraction and Explicit Support for Usage Modes INFO S. Jha, A. Merzky, G. Fox 2009-05-12 -
> GFD.39 Applications and Programming Tools INFO T. Kielmann APME
> GFD.33 GGF UPDT User Development Tools Survey INFO S. Balle, R. Hood APME

Document Type Legend:
INFO: Informational
EXP: Experimental
CP: Community Practice
REC: Full Recommendation
P-REC: Proposed Recommendation

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