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Document Title Document
Author(s) Publication Date Area/Group
> GFD.7 A Grid Monitoring Architecture INFO B. Tierney, R. Aydt, D. Gunter, W. Smith, M. Swany, V. Taylor, R. Wolski ISP
> GFD.8 A Simple Case Study of a Grid Performance System INFO R. Aydt, D. Gunter, W. Smith, M. Swany, B. Tierney, V. Taylor ISP
> GFD.25 An analysis of "Top N" Event Descriptions INFO D. Gunter, J. Magowan ISP
> GFD.18 An Analysis of the UNICORE Security Modal INFO T.Goss-Walter, R.Letz, T.Kentemich, H.-C Hoppe SEC
> GFD.39 Applications and Programming Tools INFO T. Kielmann APME
> GFD.6 Attributes for Communication Between Scheduling Instances INFO U. Schwiegelshohn, R. Yahyapour SRM
> GFD.48 Authority Recognition INFO P. Madsen, D. Chadwick 2005-05-10 SEC
> GFD.42 Authorization Glossary INFO M. Lorch, M. Thompson SEC
> GFD.17 CA-based Trust Issues for Grid Authentication and Identity Delegation INFO M. Thompson, D. Olson, R. Cowles, S. Mullen, M. Helm SEC
> GFD.38 Conceptual Grid Authorization Framework and Classification INFO M. Lorch, B. Cowles, R. Baker, L. Gommans, P. Madsen, A. McNab, L. Ramakrishnan, K. Sankar, D. Skow, M. Thompson SEC

Document Type Legend:
INFO: Informational
EXP: Experimental
CP: Community Practice
REC: Full Recommendation
P-REC: Proposed Recommendation

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