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About OGF Documents

One of the primary purposes of the Open Grid Forum (OGF) is to publish documents. These documents provide information and specifications to developers and others involved with Grid computing. Documents are most often authored by members of OGF Working Groups or Research Groups (WGs and RGs), but may be submitted by any person. There is a multi-stage review for OGF documents, including editorial review and public comment. For Recommendation track documents, "proposed" recommendations are the basis for reference implementations and may, with sufficient experience, become full OGF recommendations.

Documents in discussion within OGF Working Groups and Research Groups, which are intended to be submitted for publication as part of the OGF Document Series, are called Grid Working Drafts (GWD's). Once approved by the OGF Editor and Steering Group, a final document (GFD) becomes part of the OGF Document Series.

Four document types are defined:

1.      Informational: To inform the community about a useful idea or set of ideas.

2.      Experimental: To inform the community about a useful experiment, testbed, or implementation of an idea of set of ideas.

3.      Community Practice: To inform the community of common practice or process, with the objective to influence the community.

4.      Recommendations: To document a specification, analogous to an Internet Standards track document. OGF Recommendations are initially designated as "proposed," and following further experience and review may become full OGF recommendations.

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