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Comments for Document: GLUE v. 2.0 – Reference Realizations to Concrete Data Models
Author(s):S. Andreozzi, S. Burke, F. Ehm, L. Field, G. Galang, B. Konya, M. Litmaath, P. Millar, J. P. Navarro
Public Comment End:13 Aug, 2008

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Posted by: andreozzi 2008-06-19 05:44:32XSD: adding extensibility based on xsd:any
consider adding extensibility based on the lax value for the
processContent attribute of an xsd:any element definition

Posted by: gevorg 2008-06-26 09:46:30
The MySQL Schema file for ref 41, that one can download from link in wiki of project ( quite differs from what presented in GLUE 2.0 document v 42 May 20, 2008 for public comments(

Same file is included in this document and even with same bugs.
e.g Execution Environment have no name field, CopmputingService have no StatusPage, a lot of Entities have no field OtherInfo etc.

Most dramatic case is using insted of general Location Entity, separate AdminDomainLocation, UserLocation, ComputingServiceLocation. This will generate useless doubble entries from institution who have not only administrators as well Computers and moreover users located on same longitude, latitude, with same adress.

Same for Contact...

Posted by: gevorg 2008-06-26 09:58:51Foreign Key irrelevant
Foreign Key is fully irrelevant and even sometimes dangerous, when one need to save performance and update partial information in SQL, it could bring to situations, that deleting one table will result of emptying others connected with that one with foreign keys.

I don't think that it is good idea to force users follow the strict hierarchy with Foreign Key forbidding them to publish a one information till the other is not provided.

For instance, one would like to publish ComputingShare as a virtual machine without need to say where StorageService for that machine is located.

As well the names of Foreign Key are oft buggy.

Users of GLUE Schema would know themselves, how and which Entities MUST to allow other Entities publish information - and it is relevant only for a particular case, but not for a global Realization Concept.

Let people be free ;o)
Gevorg - developer in DMon Project of D-Grid.

Posted by: fisher 2008-08-05 11:53:09Schema name
This is a rather trivial comment related to the relational schema/database name - which is currently GLUE20. I suggest GLUE2x0 would be a more meaningful name.

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