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Public comments are a very important part of the OGF document approval process.  Through public comments, documents are given scrutiny by people with a wide range of expertise and interests. Ideally, a OGF document will be self-contained, relying only on the other documents and standards it cites to be clear and useful.  Public comments of any type are welcomed, from small editorial comments to broader comments about the scope or merit of the proposed document.  The simple act of reading a document and providing a public comment that you read it and found it suitable for publication is very useful, and provides valuable feedback to the document authors.

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Comments for Document: Remote Instrumentation Services In Grid Environment (RISGE-RG) Collection of Use Cases
Author(s):R. Pugliese, M. Sutter, L. Berruti, F. Davoli, D. Edgington, D. Stokłosa, M. Grammatikou
Public Comment End:3 Jul, 2009

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Posted by: marcoj 2009-06-08 04:29:53What about "service oriented" operation and an open "grid bus"?
The collection of use cases is quite nice.
I would like to bring the point about how a user can get access to the available services in a Grid including instrumentation, how the SLA is made, and how results from different services are integrated.
I am thinking about for example integrating network measurements from different providers, or the classical scenario (CrossGrid) of access to meteo, hydro, hidraulic data and simulation facilities. VCR may solve the point for a single instrument or pool of similar resources, but what about different instruments?
The Argugrid/GRIA case is a very good example in this direction, although it seems most services are very similar.

Nice doc!

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