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Public comments are a very important part of the OGF document approval process.  Through public comments, documents are given scrutiny by people with a wide range of expertise and interests. Ideally, a OGF document will be self-contained, relying only on the other documents and standards it cites to be clear and useful.  Public comments of any type are welcomed, from small editorial comments to broader comments about the scope or merit of the proposed document.  The simple act of reading a document and providing a public comment that you read it and found it suitable for publication is very useful, and provides valuable feedback to the document authors.

Thank you for making public comments on this document!

Comments for Document: Multi-Server Based Namespace Data Management of Resource Namespace Service
Author(s):L. Guo, X. Wang, M. Xu, W. Zhou
Public Comment End:10 Oct, 2009

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Posted by: merzky 2009-09-20 16:02:49various comments

Section 2 can go: this is not a specification, and the listed notational conventions are not used AFAICS.

Setting text alignment to 'Justified' helps readablitity

Otherwise, the document looks good, and informational, to me. I did not read it in full detail though.

Posted by: joyfulface 2009-10-09 20:51:41Good draft
Master node seems to be the single point of failure. Since master only acts as a load balance node, it's easy to deploy a multi-node based master nodes set, and the single point of failure seems not a big problem.

It's useful to me, and I'm eager to know whether the author has implemented this system.

Posted by: superhan 2009-10-09 20:55:15In case of one namenode data destroied,How to repair it.
Does it take long time ?
Will the service stop for long?

Posted by: guoleitao 2009-11-12 02:50:13
Actually, the namespace service can be built on 1 master and several slaves, there provides a fault-tolerant mechanism for slaves, but if master down, a master election policy will be carried out. A simple policy for election can be random, roundrobin or load-balanced. It's mature technologies, couldn't be a big problem

Posted by: sjn5 2009-11-14 00:42:49Simple Document
Nice simple document. Captures a very simple use of RNS.

Section 1. 'can not' --> cannot

Section 3. Master node section. 'Master node doesn't store' --> 'Master node The master node doesn't store'

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