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Standards Function

Vice-President: Alan Sill
At-large AD: David Snelling

The Standards function is responsible for development of architectures, specifications, roadmaps and glossaries for distributed computing software through OGF working groups and through the application of the OGF document process. The Standards function includes the management of technical liaisons with other Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and to promote the adoption of standardized and interoperable distributed computing software.


Distributed Resource Management Application API WG (drmaa-wg)
Grid Remote Procedure Call WG (gridrpc-wg)
Simple API for Grid Applications WG (saga-wg)


OGSA Naming Working Group (ogsa-naming-wg)
Open Grid Services Architecture WG (ogsa-wg)
Production Grid Infrastructure WG (pgi-wg)
Reference Model Working Group (rm-wg)


Grid Resource Allocation Agreement Protocol WG (graap-wg)
Grid Scheduling Architecture RG (gsa-rg)
High Performance Computing Profile WG (hpcp-wg)
Job Submission Description Language WG (jsdl-wg)
OGSA Basic Execution Services WG (ogsa-bes-wg)
OGSA Resource Selection Services WG (ogsa-rss-wg)


Data Format Description Language WG (dfdl-wg)
Database Access and Integration Services WG (dais-wg)
Digital Repositories Research Group (dr-rg)
Grid File System Working Group (gfs-wg)
Grid Storage Management WG (gsm-wg)
GridFTP WG (gridftp-wg)
Info Dissemination WG (infod-wg)
OGSA ByteIO Working Group (byteio-wg)
OGSA Data Movement Interface WG (ogsa-dmi-wg)


Firewall Virtualization for Grid Applications WG (fvga-wg)
Grid High-Performance Networking RG (ghpn-rg)
Infrastructure Services On-Demand Provisioning Research Group (ISOD-RG)
Network Mark-up Language Working Group (nml-wg)
Network Measurement and Control WG (nmc-wg)
Network Measurements Working Group (nm-wg)
Network Service Interface WG (nsi-wg)
Open Cloud Computing Interface WG (occi-wg)


Standards development organizations Collaboration on networked Resources Management (scrm-wg)


Access to Remote Instrumentation in a distributed environment – Working Group (ari-wg)
Distributed Computing Infrastructure Federation Working Group (dcifed-wg)
GLUE Working Group (glue)
Usage Record WG (ur-wg)


Certificate Authority Operations WG (caops-wg)
FedSec Community Group (fedsec-cg)
Firewall Issues RG (fi-rg)
IDEL (idel-wg)
Levels of authentication Assurance Research Group (LoA-RG)
OGSA Authorization WG (ogsa-authz-wg)
VOMS-PROC WG (voms-proc-wg)

Community Function

Vice-President: David Wallom
At-large AD: David De Roure
At-large AD: Thilo Kielmann

The OGF Community Function is responsible for engaging with scientific, engineering, education, business and industrial communities to enable productive forums to identify and align requirements, workshop solutions, and share progress.

Grid Interoperation Now Community Group (gin-cg)
Remote Instrumentation Services in Grid Environment - RG (risge-rg)
Enterprise Grids Requirements RG (egr-rg)
Storage Networking Community Group (sn-cg)
Telecomm Community Group (telco-cg)
Grid Information Retrieval RG (gir-rg)
Preservation Environments RG (pe-rg)

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