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Infrastructure Services On-Demand Provisioning Research Group (ISOD-RG)
Group Information
Group Description
Modern e-Science applications and high-technology industry regularly deal with large volumes of data that must be stored, processed and visualized. This requires dedicated high-speed network infrastructures. Most Grid and Cloud usage scenarios for collaboration can benefit from combined Grid and network resource provisioning. Provisioning infrastructure services on-demand can improve performance and also address other issues such as application-centric manageability, consistency of security services, and energy efficiency (which is emerging as a forefront issue). The infrastructure on-demand provisioning model requires that a number of services and resource management systems interoperate at different stages within the whole provisioning process. However, in current practice, different systems and provisioning stages are not connected into a single unified workflow.
The On-demand Infrastructure Services Provisioning (ISOD) Research Group (RG) will explore frameworks that support on-demand infrastructure services provisioning, and new emerging operational and business models for infrastructure virtualisation, such as Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The proposed effort will investigate architecture and components that reflect the requirements and capabilities of both infrastructure and applications providers. The recommendations will define a general approach to building dynamically provisioned, composable services and corresponding service delivery framework and workflow. The ISOD RG will also explore frameworks for providing consistent security services for dynamically provisioned, combined network and IT resources and applications. The ISOD RG will follow and intend to contribute to standardisation activity at OGF, IETF, NIST and other related standardisation bodies.
Group Focus and Scope
The main purpose of the ISOD RG is to develop an informational architecture framework that outlines the necessary components for on-demand infrastructure services provisioning (in particular, generic IaaS Cloud provisioning model) that can support new emerging business and operational models for virtualised infrastructure providers. The expected results should create a basis for developing heterogeneous services inter-operation and creation of new interoperable and composable services.
It is intended that ISOD RG will provide use cases and recommendations for development of upper layer service frameworks for a number of currently running related initiatives at OGF, such as NSI WG, NML WG, OCCI WG, CDMI at SNIA, and will review standardization work done by the ITU-T and TeleManagement Forum (TMF) for possible adoption by OGF user community.
The scope of the ISOD RG is to investigate the following:
* Infrastructure services definition
* Infrastructure services virtualization issues
* Existing on-demand infrastructure resource provisioning systems and frameworks
* Basic use cases and requirements to infrastructure resources virtualisation and provisioning systems, including service delivery frameworks and services lifecycle management
* Atomic services required to build an on-demand infrastructure services framework
* Security issues, e.g. integration between virtual security infrastructure and provider platform, security context and session management.
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