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Access to Remote Instrumentation in a distributed environment – Working Group (ARI-WG)
Group Information
Group Type: Working Group
Group Description
This working group is spawned by RISGE-RG and will focus its effort on providing a Shared Information Model (SIM) and defining concrete interfaces for accessing remote instruments. There is a need in the community for accessing remote instruments by using standard interfaces that are well defined and specified by standard approaches/procedures. The main purpose of this working group will be to standardize approaches in remote access interfaces to instruments through our SIM. Target devices are all kind of instruments including distributed sensor networks. As such, it concerns mostly the services for steering and monitoring instrument resources, granting security and authorization (policy), accessing combined or multiple devices, performing a calibration phase, and also services for acquiring data from instruments ,operating on files and streams.
Group Focus and Scope
The initial RISGE-RG collected a number of use cases which are published in the RISGE-RG Document “RISGE-RG Collection of Use Cases? (GFD-I.168). The effort of this working group will be focused initially on these use cases, also taking into account the standards and use cases in the field of sensors (OGC – SWE) and the CIMA interface and implementation. During its work, the group will consider the outcome of other groups such as SAGA, OGSA ByteIO, and GLUE.
One of the main objectives to be achieved is simplicity of the interfaces, which will create the standard SIM to assure reliable implementations.
The group will work on the recommendation document (Specification 1.0) for defining interfaces in the new SIM for accessing the remote instruments.
The WG will also continue to identify projects outside OGF with similar focus and goals and will seek their input in the development and implementation of the services.
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