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Database Access and Integration Services WG (DAIS-WG)
Group Information
Group Type: Working Group
Group Chair(s): Oscar Corcho, isao kojima
Group Secretary(s): Steven Lynden
Group Description
Research and development activities relating to the grid have generally focused on applications where data is stored in files. However, in many scientific and commercial domains, database management systems have a central role in data storage, access, organisation, authorisation, etc, for numerous applications. The group is developing standards for grid data services, focusing principally on providing consistent access to existing, autonomously managed databases from web services. By focusing on services, the intention is to ease application development through the provision of composable components. The group does not seek to develop new data storage systems, but rather to make such systems more readily usable individually or collectively within a grid framework.
Group Focus and Scope
The group has been working on the development of a family of data access and integration specifications. The WS-DAI specification defines data model independent properties and operations that are shared by interfaces to different kinds of data resource. These properties are then extended and the templates instantiated by realisations - data model specific data access services. To date, the group has focused on realisations for accessing relational (WS-DAIR) and XML (WS-DAIX) data resources. The specifications for WS-DAI, WS-DAIR and WS-DAIX are have all been submitted to the GGF Recommendations track.
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