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Enterprise Grids Requirements RG (EGR-RG)
Group Information
Group Type: Research Group
Group Secretary(s): Satoshi Itoh
Group Description
The purpose of this group is to identify key technical requirements and common approaches to enterprise grid computing.
Group Focus and Scope
The purpose of this research group is to identify key technical requirements, scenarios and common approaches to enterprise grid computing.
The work of this research group should include both an examination of technical requirements and an exploration of common use cases for enterprise (on-demand, utility, automated, etc.) grid systems.
The technical scope of this RG includes,
•Promoting technologies that
-provide services which dynamically meet the requirements of applications and the priorities of the business.
-drive efficient utilization of IT resources namely (optimal resource allocation, dynamic resource allocation)
-deliver automation/reduce system management.
•The Grid technologies to be addressed apply to all resources required?for computation, which may be geographically local and/or?distributed.
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