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Education and Training (ET-CG)
Group Information
Group Type: Community Group
Group Description
The advent of widely deployed grids, e-Infrastructures and Cyberinfrastructures generates a Educational and Training Challenge in all countries engaged in grid computing. The purpose of this group is to bring together practitioners in grid-related education and training (E&T) to share and develop best practice, to stimulate greater investment in Grid-related E&T and above all to build a mutually supportive community of grid trainers and educators, so that we are better able to meet that challenge.
Group Focus and Scope
There is now an imperative to train and educate people rapidly enough to support the current rapid growth in grid activity, in research, in academia and in industry. It is crucial to rapidly attract people to be educated and trained in grid computing and to make them aware of the advantages they will reap if they become better equipped to exploit the grid-delivered opportunities. Education must change, so that graduates of our educational systems are well equipped with fundamentals to understand how and when to take advantage of the new methods enabled by grid computing whatever their own academic discipline. Education also needs to prepare creative scientists, engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists so that they are better able to contribute advances in grid computing.

The scale of this educational and training challenge demands much investment, human effort and innovation. The E&T-CG will bring together the existing practitioners to share and develop best practice and to stimulate greater investment in Grid-related E&T. We expect to record this best practice in a series of informational documents, including recommended curricula with exemplar material to support those curricula. We expect to establish mutual recognition of grid education and training, or at least to establish a framework for maintaining such recognition. We will develop policies and collaborative arrangements for sharing materials, facilities and systems to support educators, trainers and learners. This may require that we spawn a working group to address specific t-Infrastructure inter-working requirements.

As the purpose is far-reaching, we expect the scope to evolve as the group develops momentum and maturity. As the range of activities undertaken by E&T-CG is extensive, we present them as three mutually supporting themes. Separate subgroups, each led by one of the co-chairs will address each theme. It may become necessary to further subdivide the work and effort to focus on particular topics within the themes.

The Three E&T Themes
1. Developing E&T Frameworks - common policies, standards and terminology.
2. Developing E&T Synergy among practitioners - sharing information, facilities, services, material and outreach.
3. Developing E&T Content - curricula, teaching material and presentation methods.
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