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Grid Interoperation Now Community Group (GIN-CG)
Group Information
Group Type: Community Group
Group Description
The purpose of this group is to coordinate a set of interoperation efforts among production Grids interested in interoperating in support of applications that require resources in multiple Grids.
Group Focus and Scope
The focus of this group is to plan and implement interoperation on specific, well defined topics via coordinated efforts providing feedback to standardization groups and software providers. Other topics may be discussed in more loosely coordinated discussion groups.

The scope of the group is to pursue interoperation on 6-8 month horizons using solutions for which there are working implementations available, wherever possible using standards. Links with appropriate standards groups and the OGF Technical Strategy Committee will be established and feedback to these groups given; links with software providers will be established in a similar manner.

The results of the GIN work is expected to lead to a more seamless usage of different Grid infrastructures by applications, however, GIN does not provide resources or support application porting. This is subject to individual negotiation with the application group and the targeted Grid infrastructures.
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