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GLUE Working Group (GLUE)
Group Information
Group Type: Working Group
Group Description
The GLUE Working Group will provide a recommendation for an abstract information model which is expressed via a schema independent of information system implementations. The schema will define the set of attributes and attribute semantics, the relationship between the attributes and the syntax for attribute values where applicable.
Group Focus and Scope

The main purpose of the schema is to facilitate interoperation between Grid infrastructures via enabling the development of interoperating Grid middleware components and as such the schema will be designed in response to existing use cases. The focus will be on use cases which span multiple Grid infrastructures that may rely on different middleware. The collected use cases will be published as a live document.As a starting point for the work, existing schemas such the Glue Schema 1.3 and Nordugrid Schema will be considered. The abstract schema definition will enable concrete schema to be rendered in various formats. These renderings will be the reference implementations for the available information services.


The schema will be based on the already existing Glue schema (version 1.3), which is already being used in many production Grids. The work will be a major revision of this schema and the result will become Glue version 2.0. This schema should consider the existing use cases of the Glue schema 1.3, NorduGrid schema, the CIM vendor extension from NAREGI and others. Additional use cases will be collected, evaluated and prioritized.


The goal of the GLUE-WG is to define a specification document defining the abstract schema GLUE 2.0 satisfying the collected use cases. Moreover, reference implementations for the main Grid Information Services should be provided.
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