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Grid Resource Allocation Agreement Protocol WG (GRAAP-WG)
Group Information
Group Type: Working Group
Group Chair(s): Jim Pruyne, Wolfgang Ziegler
Group Secretary(s): Philipp Wieder
Group Description
The goal of the GRAAP Working Group is to produce a set of specifications and supporting documents which describe methods and means to establish Service Level Agreements between different entities in a distributed environment. The WS-Agreement Specification V1.0, a Web Services protocol to establish agreements between two services, has been published May 2007 as an OGF Proposed Recommendation: Just recently an errata version has been published fixin a few typos in the non-normative part. The new version supercedes the version of 2007 (see GFD.192). Along with this document the group has published the specification for extended negotiation and renegotiation on top of WS-Agreement as WS-Agreement Negotiation (see GFD.193).
Group Focus and Scope
Within the scope of the GRAAP-WG are the definition, the negotiation, and the management of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The group especially focuses on the usage of SLAs and WS-Agreement, an SLA format and protocol specified by the GRAAP-WG, in distributed systems, Grids and Clouds. In the context of OGF, the relation to the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) is of special importance.

The group is now working on a RESTful implementation of WS-Agreement.

Community request: In case you have implemented WS-Agreement, we would appreciate if you could invest the time and fill in this questionnaire. Also, if you plan to implement WS-Agreement Negotiation please let us know. Thank you.

Please find more information regarding the following topics on the respective pages of the GRAAP Wiki:
* Events related to WS-Agreement, GRAAP, and SLAs
* Existing implementations using WS-Agreement
* A discussion on interoperability between different WS-Agreement implementations
* A list of publications related to WS-Agreement and SLAs
* A discussion on SLA re-negotiation
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