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Grid Scheduling Architecture RG (GSA-RG)
Group Information
Group Type: Research Group
Group Secretary(s): Ariel Oleksiak
Group Description
The goal of the Grid Scheduling Architecture Research Group (GSA-RG) is to define a scheduling architecture that supports cooperation between different scheduling instances for arbitrary Grid resources. The group currently focuses on the interoperation of different schedulers in an OGF-complaint ecosystem.
Group Focus and Scope
The definition of the scheduling architecture should support all kind of resources include network, software, data, storage and processing units. The research group will particularly address the interaction between resource management and data management. Co-allocation and the reservation of resources are key aspects of the new scheduling architecture, which will also include the integration of user or provider defined scheduling policies.

The group began with identifying a set of relevant approaches obtained in existing Grid projects resulting in GFD.64.

Currently, the GSA-RG reviews necessary protocols and interfaces to support interoperability between different Grid schedulers, and components of a modular scheduling architecture and their interactions. Services and protocols from other OGF groups are considered as potential basic building blocks of such an architecture and will be used wherever possible.
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