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Job Submission Description Language WG (JSDL-WG)
Group Information
Group Type: Working Group
Group Secretary(s): Philipp Wieder
Group Description
The JSDL-WG has produced a language that describes the requirements of jobs for submission to Grids. JSDL 1.0 (published as GGF recommendation GFD-R-P.056 []) is an XML-based language that focuses mainly on computational jobs. The JSDL-WG is working on extending this language to address a wider class of jobs.
Group Focus and Scope
Following the publication of JSDL 1.0[GFD.56] the group is working on improving and extending the language. An errata release of JSDL 1.0 is close to completion with clarifications for issues raised by the Grid community or identified through interoperability work. The group is
collaborating on a joint interoperability and experience report with BES-WG and HPCP-WG.

The group is also working on extending JSDL 1.0, for example, to allow more flexible resource requirements. Initially extending JSDL 1.0 such work is expected to lead eventually to a redesign and the next major version of the language.
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