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Network Measurement and Control WG (NMC-WG)
Group Information
Group Type: Working Group
Group Chair(s): Martin Swany
Group Description
Generation and exchange of network measurements is critical for all networked environments, and in particular advanced environments like the Grid. The schemata for network metrics that have been defined in the OGF’s Network Measurement Working Group (NM-WG) have spawned a vibrant community among R&E network operators who have been developing and deploying an infrastructure called perfSONAR. The perfSONAR effort began in September 2004 in a series of meetings in and around GGF-12 in Brussels, Belgium. The perfSONAR consortium has begun to produce a series of protocol documents describing the messaging functionality in that system and the NMC group will house the formalization of those standards within the OGF.
Group Focus and Scope
The purpose of the Network Measurement and Control Working Group is to standardize the XML-based protocols that are currently in use in the perfSONAR project to control network measurement infrastructure and to share the results of the measurements and metrics that are generated. These protocols are already in widespread use and are described across a number of documents with various degrees of formality.

The scope of the Network Measurement and Control Working Group is to define base protocols and extension frameworks for those protocols, as well as to define extensions that are already in common use.

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