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Network Mark-up Language Working Group (NML-WG)
Group Information
Group Type: Working Group
Group Chair(s): Freek Dijkstra, Martin Swany
Group Description
The purpose of the Network Mark-up Language Working Group is to combine efforts of multiple projects to describe network topologies, so that the outcome is a standardised network description ontology and schema, facilitating interoperability between different projects.
Group Focus and Scope
Hybrid networks offer end users a mix of traditional connections and new optical services in the form of dedicated lightpaths. These must be requested in advance and are currently configured on demand by the operators. Because lightpaths are circuit switched, the user must be aware of the topology and of the techniques involved in the provisioning. Once connected, they offer a high-speed, low-level connection to the requested destination.
The working group will provide an extensible schema to describe computer networks. This schema should provide an abstraction layer for networks, specifically hybrid networks. Such a schema can be used to create inter-domain network graphs at various abstraction levels, to provide an information model for service discovery, and to facilitate lightpath provisioning.

The scope of the Network Markup Language Working Group is to define one or more schemas to describe:
(a) a layer independent network topology and
(b) properties that are common across for multiple network technologies, as well as
(c) a mechanism so that other working groups or other projects may combine technology specific schemas with the schemas created by the NML working group.

The working group will not look into policy related schemas, nor into schemas related to scheduling and reservation.

The working group will use existing schemes as starting point, and aims to build as much as possible on work done in the IETF Netconf, CCAMP and IPPM working groups, if deemed applicable.
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