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OGSA-Data Working Group (OGSA-D-WG)
Group Information
Group Type: Working Group
Group Chair(s): Allen Luniewski, Dave Berry
Group Description
The OGSA Data WG is producing a data architecture as part of the larger OGSA effort. This data architecture describes the data services in the OGSA architecture and explains how they can be orchestrated to implement a range of data-oriented capabilities.
Group Focus and Scope
The scope of this working group (WG) is to produce an overall data architecture for OGSA. It will identify message patterns and interfaces that form part of that architecture. Where possible, it will use existing specifications to form appropriate parts of this architecture, liaising with the groups defining those specifications to encourage them to fit into the overall OGSA picture. Where existing specifications are not available, the WG will encourage the creation of new groups to fill the gaps. The proposed WG will not define detailed specifications itself, leaving this for other groups.
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