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Open Grid Services Architecture WG (OGSA-WG)
Group Information
Group Type: Working Group
Group Secretary(s): Andreas Savva
Group Description
The Open Grid Forum (OGF) has embraced the Open Grid Services Architecture as the blueprint for standards-based grid computing. 'Open' refers to the process used to develop standards that achieve interoperability. 'Grid' is concerned with the integration, virtualization, and management of services and resources in a distributed, heterogeneous environment. It is 'service-oriented' because it delivers functionality as loosely coupled, interacting services aligned with industry-accepted Web service standards. The 'architecture' defines the components, their organizations and interactions, and the design philosophy used. OGSA-WG is developing the architecture and its constituent specifications and profiles in collaboration with a number of fellow working groups.
Group Focus and Scope
OGSA-WG manages an architectural process of OGSA standards by working to collect requirements, evaluate the maturity of specifications, and produce periodic updates to OGSA informational documents and OGSA recommendation profiles.

The scope of the proposed working group is to produce the following documents. All documents are Informational except for OGSA Profiles, which are Recommendations.

* Architecture document and Glossary: The Architecture document identifies the framework, taxonomy, and functionality that should be provided to address use case requirements. The Glossary provides an unambiguous definition of terms used in the Architecture document.

* Service Description documents and Scenario documents: Service Description documents describe each OGSA service in natural language, listing the interfaces and operations defined by each service. Scenario documents demonstrate how these services can implement the use cases, using a combination of natural language and UML. Fellow-WGs may also develop such documents.

* OGSA Roadmap document: The Roadmap document expresses OGSA-WG views on the likely future evolution of OGSA to address unmet requirements and/or respond to technology evolution.

* Guideline documents: Guideline documents outline how to write specific OGSA normative documents. Examples of guideline documents include the OGSA Profile Definition document and the Grid Information/Data Model Guidelines document.

* OGSA Profiles: An OGSA Profile specifies requirements on referenced specifications and other profiles to improve interoperability. A Profile has 'conformance statements' and 'extension points' as specified in the OGSA Profile Definition document.

The OGSA-WG will ensure consistency among OGSA informational documents, OGSA Profiles, and related specifications which are produced by fellow-WGs.
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