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Preservation Environments RG (PE-RG)
Group Information
Group Type: Research Group
Group Description
The Preservation Environments Research Group of the Grid Forum will develop a GGF Informational Document for Persistent Archives based on virtual data grid technology.The proposed Information Document will serve two purposes:
1) Describe to the preservation community best practices for implementing distributed preservation systems
2) Identify for the grid community the consistency constraints that are required between grid services for a viable preservation system.
Group Focus and Scope
The PERG group will use the federated data grids established by the Grid Interoperability Now working group to demonstrate preservation concepts. For a preservation environment to be viable, it must be possible to extract all records along with their authenticity and integrity metadata and export the contents into another preservation system. By using the GIN data grid testbed, a demonstration of viability will be conducted.
The PERG group will also examine how rule-based data management systems can be used to automate application of preservation management policies, and use rules to validate trustworthiness of digital repositories. Rule-based systems control the execution of remote micro-services, and manage state information generated by each micro-service. A specific focus will be the integration of grid services under rule-based management.
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