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Remote Instrumentation Services in Grid Environment - RG (RISGE-RG)
Group Information
Group Type: Research Group
Group Secretary(s): Michael Sutter
Group Description
The RISGE-RG explores issues related to the exploitation of Grid technologies for conducting and monitoring measurement tasks and experiments on complex remote scientific equipment. The main purpose of this research group will be to bring together various existing approaches in defining remote access interfaces to sophisticated laboratory equipment, as well as to come up with use cases that can dictate the requirements for integrating scientific instruments with the Grid. As such, it concerns mostly the steering and monitoring of instrument resources, although more typical problems such as user access and authorization are also in scope. The advances of Grid technologies in areas such as interactivity, visualization and Quality of Service provisioning will play an important role in accessing remote devices, therefore the description of suitable service-level terms is highly relevant. One of the purposes of this group is to bring together people involved in the field of remote instrumentation to document experiences, identify best practices and develop informational documents which can be fed to the Working Groups researching the area of digital contracts (Service Level Agreements) and guarantees on the Grid. This forum can be used in order to discuss problems encountered by the relevant user groups, both technical and non-technical.
Group Focus and Scope
There are numerous areas of science, industry and commerce that require broad international cooperation for their success. A number of problems may be addressed by using sophisticated equipment and top-level expertise, which is often locally unavailable. Therefore, the development and dissemination of techniques and technologies that allow virtualized, remote and shared access to industrial or scientific instruments is essential for the progress of science and therefore society. The possibility of using scientific or industrial equipment independent of their physical location helps in the equality of opportunity and unification of communities and subsequently opens new horizons for industry, science and business. The systematic identification of instruments and corresponding user communities, the definition of their requirements as well as careful analysis of the remote instrumentation synergy with next-generation high-speed communications networks and grid infrastructures will be the basis for the definition of recommendations for designing next-generation Remote Instrumentation Services.
* Provide an overview of existing solutions and best practices for interactive service oriented infrastructures
* Research and document:
* The state of the art in grid and network infrastructures in areas connected with laboratory equipment sharing
* Existing standards allowing the use of lab devices remotely
* Integrating research: interactivity and visualisation in typical workflows for remote instrumentation
* Interactivity in Grids
* Visualisation Frameworks

* Research on new common conceptual design for remote instrumentation, including use cases and requirements for establishing suitable digital contracts
* Indicating future directions of grid and network functionality development to facilitate access to research infrastructure
* Act as a liaison to the grid community and equipment final users in general

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