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Reference Model Working Group (RM-WG)
Group Information
Group Type: Working Group
Group Chair(s): David Snelling, Paul Strong
Group Description
In order to ensure that we share a common language when describing grids, what they are comprised of, how those entities interact and so forth, we need an agreed upon glossary and set of terms. When defining standards, protocols and interfaces for grid computing, the sets of components (both services and resources) that comprise a grid, their relationships and their life-cycles need to be more formally described.

Providing this formal description and associated terminology is the goal of the Reference Model working group. Whilst extant standards capture aspects of what is required, they are either incomplete or lack a Grid context and so need to be pulled together into a coherent whole. It is not the purpose of this group to replicate the work of established standards that in general meet our needs. Rather the work of this group will be to pragmatically develop the broader model that brings together, references and extends where appropriate.
Group Focus and Scope
This group will use the EGA Reference Model and the OGSA Glossary as its starting points.

The overall context for this work will be that of grids in the data center, although the output should be more or less applicable to all types of Grids. Nonetheless the use cases used to drive and validate the work will be data center centric, focused on the configuration management, provisioning (both transactional and batch), service level management, dynamic resource control and so forth.

The group's deliverables will seek to:
o Capture all of the common and abstract components (services and resources) that comprise a Grid.
o Describe, both formally and informally, these components, together with their life-cycles and their relationships with one another.
o Pragmatically reconcile these with other extant standards, including but not necessarily limited to the other OGF standards (planned for Reference Model v2.1), the DMTF's CIM (Common Information Model), the SNIA's SMI-S etc., ITIL, DCML and so forth (planned for Reference Model v2.2).
o Define ways of representing and serializing the model, including, but not necessarily limited to RDF/RDFS/OWL Vocabulary, SML, XML Schemas, Java etc (planned for Reference Model v3.0).
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