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Simple API for Grid Applications WG (SAGA-WG)
Group Information
Group Type: Working Group
Group Description
This working group is the first working group spawned by the SAGA-RG, and will concentrate on defining a concrete API for the functional areas identified by the initial SAGA-RG design team:
- Files
- Logical files
- Job submission and management
- Streaming communication between processes
along with the core API areas which are independent of specific Grid operations:
- Tasks
- Sessions
- Security
Group Focus and Scope
The initial SAGA-RG collected a number of application use cases which are published in the SAGA-RG Document "SAGA Use Case Document". The work of this group will be based on these use cases, which will define the scope and target application areas for the API. Simplicity and parsimonious will be the governing design principles for the API.

The specification of services and the protocols to interact with them is out of the scope of the WG. Rather, the API seeks to hide the detail of any service infrastructures that may or may not exist to implement the functionality that the application developer needs. The WG will, however, actively liaise with relevant grid-middleware groups within the GGF.

The WG will continue to identify projects outside GGF with similar API-focus and goals, and will seek their input in the development of the API and its implementation. The WG will provide detailed non-normative examples and 'cook-books' showing how the specified APIs could be used.
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