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What is the Open Grid Forum?
The Open Grid Forum (OGF) is a community of users, developers, and vendors leading the global standardization effort for grid computing. The OGF community consists of thousands of individuals in industry and research, representing over 400 organizations in more than 50 countries.

What was the origin of OGF?
The Open Grid Forum (OGF) is the "new" organization that resulted from the merger of the Global Grid Forum (GGF) and the Enterprise Grid Alliance (EGA).

The GGF grew out of a series of conversations, workshops, and Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions that addressed issues related to grid computing. The first of these BoF's was held at SC98, the annual conference of the high-performance computing community. That meeting led to the creation of the Grid Forum, a group of grid developers and users in the U.S dedicated to defining and promoting grid standards and best practices. By the end of 2000, Grid Forum had merged with the European Grid Forum (eGrid) and the Asia-Pacific Grid Forum to form the Global Grid Forum. The first Global Grid Forum meeting was held in March 2001. Since then, the GGF has produced numerous standards and specifications documents and held successful events around the world.

The EGA was formed in 2004 to focus exclusively on accelerating grid adoption in enterprise data centers. The EGA addressed obstacles that organizations face in using enterprise grids through open, interoperable solutions and best practices. The alliance published the EGA Reference Model and Use Cases, a Security Requirements document and a Data and Storage Provisioning document. The EGA also significantly raised awareness worldwide of enterprise grid requirements through highly effective marketing programs and regional operations in Europe and Asia.

What is OGF's Mission?
The Open Grid Forum accelerates grid adoption to enable business value and scientific discovery by providing an open forum for grid innovation and developing open standards for grid software interoperability

What are OGF's Goals and Priorities?
The OGF has set the following two strategic goals:

1. Open Forum - OGF will provide a more productive environment for grid innovation, outreach and communication by focusing on the following:
  • Managing and continuously improving compelling and productive OGF events
  • Facilitating group sessions and workshops that produce timely specifications, best practices and use cases
  • Clarifying the positioning and value of grids and OGF within the broader *distributed computing industry
  • Developing member programs and tools that provide an effective and efficient collaborative environment
2. Open Standards - OGF will redouble our efforts to deliver specifications that enable grid software interoperability by focusing on the following:
  • Identifying high value use cases based on an agreed criteria and standardized approach
  • Soliciting, engaging, and supporting the key experts and liaisons needed to complete quality specifications in a timely manner
  • Publishing a Technical Strategy and Roadmap that clearly communicates our technical direction/priorities and tracks our progress
  • Aligning our technical strategy and priorities with key software vendors, end users and major grid project leaders to facilitate OGF specification adoption
How is OGF Structured?
OGF is an open, community-driven forum. The OGF community is global in scope and open in its membership structure. OGF strategic and financial policy is set by the Board of Directors. Day-to-day management is through the Grid Forum Steering Group (GFSG). The GFSG is community-elected and the management structure exists to facilitate the productivity of the 6 functional areas: Standards, Enterprise, E-science, Marketing, Regional and Operations. The GFSG is made up of the President of the OGF, the functional area Vice Presidents and a number of Area Directors. Area Directors shepherd the working groups and research groups which accomplish the core work of OGF. The scope and timing of the work of a group is determined by the group's charter which is, in essence, a contract with the GFSG and the rest of the community. The OGF is a 501c6 (non-profit) organization.

What does OGF produce?
Two of the most visible 'products' of OGF are the OGF Document Series and OGF Events. The OGF Document Series contains specifications and best practices that lead to industry standards and interoperable software. OGF events foster international collaboration around grids both as a technology innovation as well as an applied technology for research and industrial applications. One of OGF's greatest contributions is providing an open forum for anyone interested in grids to network with experienced grid designers and users who can answer questions and provide the benefits of grid computing from personal experience.

Who are the members of OGF?
The OGF community is an open forum and its processes and activities encourage participation from industry, academia, research, and media/analysts. OGF membership is measured by individual participation in its groups and by contribution to its standards and community activities. Currently, OGF has over 400 organizations from 50 countries that actively contribute to the work. OGF also has over 40 organizations which support the work of OGF through financial sponsorship.

How can I get involved with OGF?
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What does the OGF Editor do?
The OGF Editor maintains the high quality of the OGF Document Series through interaction with authors, OGF leadership and others, to insure that submitted documents are technically useful, well-written, and conformant with OGF procedures. The OGF Editor manages the document review and approval process using a public process tracking tool in the Grid Forge portal.

What is the NOMCOM?
The OGF Nominations Committee (NOMCOM) identifies and recommends candidates to fill leadership positions within OGF.

What are OGF’s Trademarks?
"Open Grid Forum," "OGF," and "Grid Forum" as well as the OGF logo are trademarks of Open Grid Forum. Please do not use these terms or the OGF logo without obtaining permission from OGF.

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