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OGF Overview

Who We Are

The Open Grid Forum (OGF) is a community of users, developers, and vendors leading the global standardization effort for grid computing. The OGF community consists of thousands of individuals in industry and research, representing over 400 organizations in more than 50 countries. Together we work to accelerate adoption of grid computing worldwide because we believe grids will lead to new discoveries, new opportunities, and better business practices.

The work of OGF is carried out through community-initiated working groups, which develop standards and specifications in cooperation with other leading standards organizations, software vendors, and users. OGF is funded through its Organizational Members, including technology companies and academic and government research institutions. OGF hosts several events each year to further develop grid-related specifications and use cases and to share best practices.

The OGF Mission


OGF is an open community committed to driving the rapid evolution and adoption of applied distributed computing. Applied Distributed Computing is critical to developing new, innovative and scalable applications and infrastructures that are essential to productivity in the enterprise and within the science community. OGF accomplishes its work through open forums that build the community, explore trends, share best practices and consolidate these best practices into standards.

Scope: The OGF community reflects the near universal interest in and applicability of distributed systems, and includes leaders and practitioners drawn from academia, enterprises, vendors and government organizations. OGF is open to everyone who is willing to participate, to discuss trends, share experiences, solve problems, and develop standards that accelerate the adoption, use and development of applied distributed computing technologies and environments.

Applied distributed computing environments include everything from distributed high performance computing resources (traditional 'Grids') to horizontally scaled transactional systems supporting Service Oriented Architectures to Clouds, across all scales and for all application domains.

Applied distributed computing environments take advantage of many technologies, e.g. virtualization, multi-Core, web services, SOA, etc. OGF will, where necessary, develop expertise in these areas in support of its mission, either through direct activity or through partnerships with other organizations.


By bringing a global community of vendors, researchers, architects and users together within an open forum, business and science requirements can be translated into best practices and, where appropriate, relevant and timely industry standards that enable interoperability and integration within and across organizational boundaries. This process is facilitated by regular meetings, ranging from large multi-track events held several times a year that bring the broad community together in workshops to smaller, more tightly focused group meetings. All OGF activity is underpinned by a web presence that enables communication within the various OGF working groups and the sharing of their work with the broader community.

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