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So what is an architecture? In the computer systems world an architecture is the definition of the components, their interactions, and the design philosophy used in the development of the architecture. In a grid, high-performance secure, shared, collaboration distributed system, the architecture defines the services, their interactions, and the design philosophy. In other words, what are the pieces of the puzzle, how do they fit together, and what does the puzzle look like when complete. One of our design philosophies might be (is) that the pieces can be replaced, extended, and tailored to particular use cases. Further, a systems architecture is the architecture on which applications, application services, and specialized views or profiles of the architecture are built. OGSA is a grid system architecture.

Given the above what areas are relevant to OGSA? Data management, scheduling and resource management, security, programming languages, application use cases, real-time, networks, fault-tolerance, and more. The point is that the system architecture is by its’ very nature encompassing of those things that will be used by the higher, application layers. Further, because it is a puzzle, the architects must ensure that all of the pieces will fit together. Further, they should study all of the pieces, their interactions, and so on to both 1) ensure that the use cases can be accomplished in the context of the architecture, and 2) “factor? out common needed services across areas so as to reduce complexity and provide as “minimal? a set of services as possible. As an example of (2), consider events. Some form of event model is needed throughout grids – in scheduling and resource management, in fault-detection and recovery, in security. Thus it makes sense to have one general event model that can be extended for different uses rather than K independent event systems. It is the job of the architects to do the factoring.

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