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Compute Area Overview

The picture below provides a high-level overview of the different specifications and/or working groups in the Compute area, and how they are related to each other.


Current Compute Area Activities

After being dormant since the creation of the Basic Execution Service 1.0, the OGSA-BES working group is now starting activities for an update of this specification. At OGF27 in Banff, the group agreed to incorporate constructive comments from the PGI working group for creating a BES Version 1.1 specification.

The JSDL-WG is continuing its work on the “JSDL Activity Instance Document Schema“. This is a document format which can be used to store elements containing historical information about job related activities at a specific point in time: e.g. on status, definition, dependencies, reference to the activity’s manager, and resource usage. This specification can be used for job scheduling and the delegation of jobs. The Activity Instance Schema is close to final. The OGF28 meeting in Munich will be used for a last review of the specification prior its submission to public comment.

The Grid Resource Allocation and Agreement Protocol (GRAAP) working group meets for several sessions at OGF28 with the focus on two main activities. After its publication in 2007 as GFD.107, there have been several implementations of the WS-Agreementspecification. An experience document had been created and provided for public comment. To this end, the group will review the current state of this document at OGF28. In addition, there is continuing work on a negotiation protocol, the corresponding WSDL for this protocol, and the preparation of the negotiation specification document.

OGF28 is also used to collaborate with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to gather their requirements relating to Grid standards. There is a dedicated session for the requirements analysis for JSDL, BES and other relevant specs.

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