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OGF Session Request Instructions

Session Request Instructions
How to submit a request for a WG/RG/CG/BOF Session:

  1. Go to cfp.php
  2. This form is used for all types of sessions. Select the 'Group Session' or 'BoF' type and click 'Continue'
  3. Notice the required fields labeled with an asterix (*)
  4. Enter your first, last, and email address
  5. Supply a Title and Description for your session
  6. While optional, we encourage you to fill in the Session Leader(s) and Agenda to give more information to your potential attendees
  7. Select your group from the list. If your session is a BOF or if your group isn't listed, enter its name in the BOF Name field
  8. Select the Area to which your group or BOF belongs
  9. Select the Session Type, Duration and Expected Attendance
  10. A projector and screen will be provided. If you need a dial-in phone line, check the box. Also enter the number of microphones your session will need.
  11. Enter the URL(s) for any draft documents or other information used in your session
  12. Enter Area or Group sessions to avoid in scheduling your session (you may select multiples by Control-click in Windows or Command-click in Macintosh) Please be conservative in these requests since elaborate sets will make scheduling more difficult
  13. Enter dates/times to avoid or prefer in scheduling your session to accommodate travel arrangements and other needs
  14. Additional comments may be entered in the Other Comment field
  15. Press Submit Request when complete.
  16. If your group is a BOF, or if you are requesting more than the allotted number of sessions for your group, the Request Status will be set to "Need AD Approval", otherwise it will be set to "Requested"
  17. Scheduled Slot is for internal use, and will be filled in as your session is scheduled

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