Community Presentations

Here we index both the presentations at GGF14 and select comments during the meetings

New Communities

These were meetings of communities that are relatively new to GGF

Education and Outreach to K-12 (pre-college) community, Tribal Colleges in the USA and Africa. The successes of QuarkNet are highlighted.

Commercial Information Retrieval for Information Management and Digital Library Communities

Network-Centric Operations Community Session

Network centric operations (NCO) denote a large class of distributed applications and infrastructure for national security. This session brought together NCO industry leaders to publicly discuss goals and issues, and provide an opportunity for further collaborations in this important area.

Space-related Grid Applications

Current space-related systems involve de facto "grids" but, in fact, are "one-off" systems that are not built to any standards for interoperability, extensibility, fault tolerance, or distributed system security. This session brings together internationally recognized experts in their fields to present their work and discuss further opportunities for grids in space applications.

Semantic Grids and the Agents Community

This session discusses Grid and Agents, with a Semantic Grid presentation by David De Roure and a response from Jonathan Dale of the Agents community.

Supporting New Communities and GGF Community Track Wrap-Up

These roundtable discussions bring interested parties together to discuss the GGF Community Program track at GGF14 and beyond, and explore opportunities for engaging new communities in GGF activities.

Practical Grids Program Track

Innovations for Grid Security from Trusted Computing

Three speakers in this session explores a number of innovations that the TC technology could offer for improving the Grid security.

A Standard Web Services Stack for Management in Action: Multi-vendor WSDM Demo

The WSDM TC hosts this well-attended session to demonstrate the use of the WSDM specifications between several vendors. This includes, necessarily, demonstrating how WS-RF and WS-Notifications are used as part of WSDM.

Best Practice Workshops

“Why, how and when to invest in working with GGF”- Improving Interaction between Grid Standards and Projects Community Workshop
Organized by: The NextGRID Project Team
Contact - Diana Engesser

Grid Applications: from Early Adopters to Mainstream Users
Jointly organized by the APPS-RG and the PGM-RG.
Contact – Thilo Kielmann

Healthcare and Privacy: Is GGF Doing Enough to meet the needs of the Healthcare Industry?
Organized by: The LS-RG
Contact – David Angulo

Globus Toolkit Version 4: Status and Experiences Community Workshop
Organized by: The Globus Alliance
Contact - Ian Foster

Science Gateways: Common Community Interfaces to Grid Resources
Jointly organized by:
* GGF Steering Group Community Council
* NSF TeraGrid Project (US)
* HPC-Europa Project
* Pragma
Contact – Nancy Wilkins-Diehr

Overview of the caBIG Project
Organized by: Manisundaram Arumani




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