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April 2007
News and Information for the Open Grid Forum Community

In this Issue:
Newly Formed Groups - Grid and Virtualization and Reference Model
OGF20 Update - Lodging Deadline is 4/6
OGF Leadership Awards - Nominees Needed
Documents In Public Comment
Welcome New Organizational Member - eBay
Other Upcoming Events
Closing Comments

Newly Formed Groups - Grid and Virtualization and Reference Model

Grid and Virtualization
Without a doubt, there has been a surge of interest in system virtualization in recent months. Increasingly, the developer and user communities are being asked to compose the value propositions of grids and virtualization. Grids and system virtualization are actually complementary and highly synergistic in maximizing the yield of an IT infrastructure. To further explore this synergy, the Grids and Virtualization working group was recently formed within the infrastructure area. Specifically, this WG will endeavor to verify that within existing Grid standards the request for systems with common capabilities can be satisfied by either physical systems or by the infrastructure creating and managing virtual systems. The WG will document use cases where the Grid infrastructure participates in the lifecycle of a virtual system and define one or more profiles that can be used by any Grid infrastructure to monitor and manipulate the virtual infrastructure. The WG will have a liaison to the DMTF's System Virtualization, Partitioning, and Clustering (SVPC) working group and the OGF CDDLM group. For more information, visit the group's Gridforge Project at https://forge.gridforum.org/sf/projects/gridvirt-wg or contact Erol Bozak, Group Chair at erol.bozak@sap.com

Reference Model
When defining standards, protocols and interfaces for grid computing, the sets of components that comprise a grid, their relationships and their life-cycles need to be formally described with a common language. The newly reformed (from the work of EGA) Reference Model working group is working on providing this formal description and associated terminology. While extant standards capture aspects of what is required, they are either incomplete or lack a Grid context and so need to be pulled together into a coherent whole. This group will not replicate the work of established standards that in general meet our needs, but rather pragmatically develop the broader model that brings together, references and extends where appropriate. The context of this work will be grids in the data center although the output should be more or less applicable to all types of Grids. The use cases used to drive and validate the work will be data center centric, focused on the configuration management, provisioning, service level management and dynamic resource control. For more information, visit the group's Gridforge Project at http://www.ogf.org/gf/group_info/view.php?group=rm-wg or contact Paul Strong, Group Chair at pstrong@ebay.com

OGF20 Update - Lodging Deadline is 4/6
Manchester, U.K. May 7-11, 2007

The deadline to book your lodging to secure our negotiated rates is April 6! Go to http://www.ogf.org/OGF20/events_lodging_ogf20.php

Over 500 people are already registered! OGF20 will be the major grid event of 2007. Don't miss out http://www.ogf.org/OGF20/events_regstrtn_ogf20.php

Sponsorships and booth space are also going fast with 20 organizations including Microsoft, UK eScience, CoreGrid, Fraunhofer, Platform, Force10 Networks, Unicore and many more already signed up. For sponsorship and booth information, contact Julie Wulf-Knoerzer (wulf@ogf.org)

This event is co-located with the EGEE User Forum and includes Standards, Enterprise and e-Science group sessions, Keynotes, 'Grids Means Business' Industry track, an Exhibit Hall and lots of networking activities.
Keynote speakers include:

  • Tony Hey, Corporate VP Technical Computing, Microsoft
  • Peter Coveney, Director of the Centre of Computational Science, University College London
  • Mario Campolargo, Head of Unit GEANT and eInfrastructures, European Commission, DG Information Society and Media
  • Paul Strong, Distinguished Scientist, eBay (Grids Mean Business industry track keynote)
  • Mark Linesch, OGF President
  • Bob Jones, EGEE President
The Following Enterprise Workshops have just been announced for Tuesday May 9:
  • Pharma, Biotech and Life Science Enterprise Requirements
  • Auto and Aerospace Enterprise Requirements
  • Financial Services Enterprise Requirements
For more information on these workshops, please visit http://www.ogf.org/OGF20/documents/OGF_20_Enterprise_Workshops.pdf
The full program schedule will be posted to the OGF web site in about a week.

OGF Leadership Awards - Nominees Needed
We are now accepting nominations for our leadership awards to be presented at OGF20. These awards will honor individuals or groups that have significantly furthered our mission of accelerating grid adoption through their overall service to the OGF community, for exemplary work that leads to adoption of a standard, and/or for innovative and creative problem solving. Any individual or group meeting the above criteria are eligible. Winners will be celebrated at the town hall meeting, receive a commemorative plaque and 100 Euro gift certificate and a write up of their accomplishment will be posted to the news section of the OGF website. Nominations will be accepted until April 13 http://www.ogf.org/rotate_headers/rotate_nomleader.php

Documents In Public Comment
The following documents are available for "Public Comments". The authors of these documents welcome your input.
Recommendation: documents a specification

Experimental: informs the community about a useful experiment, testbed, or implementation of an idea Community Practice: informs the community of common practice or process

Welcome New Organizational Member - eBay
Welcome to our newest silver level organizational member eBay. eBay brings together millions of people every day on a local, national and international basis through an array of websites that focus on commerce, payments and communications.

Other Upcoming Events
BladeSytems Insight Savannah, Georgia April 10-12
Mark Linesch will participate on a panel discussion at the BladeSystems Insight conference being held April 10-12 at the Westin hotel http://www.bladesystemsinsight.com/
International Summer School on Grid Computing Mariefred, Sweden July 8-20, 2007
The school brings together the leading grid technologies from around the world, presented by leading figures, and gives students a unique opportunity to study these technologies in depth side by side http://www.iceage-eu.org/issgc07/index.cfm
Next Generation Data Center San Francisco, CA August 6-9, 2007
OGF is an association sponsor for this event. NGDC will features discussion of what is happening in the data center - the challenges, successes, pitfalls - and what is likely to happen with data centers in the future. http://www.ngdcexpo.com/live/11/
OGF21 Seattle, Washington October 15-19, 2007
Our meeting venue for OGF21 is now set for the Grand Hyatt in downtown Seattle. Much more information will be announced in the coming weeks. For more on the Hyatt hotel, visit www.grandseattle.hyatt.com
Additional Events
Our calendar page provides a full listing of grid and related technology events for 2007 http://www.ogf.org/News/newscal_calendar.php

Closing Comments
The success of OGF depends upon member participation. All of the significant events, activities and accomplishments of the forum are member driven. Please contact any OGF staff member if you want to get involved http://www.ogf.org/ggf_contact.htm. We welcome your input!

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