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March 2007
News and Information for the Open Grid Forum Community

In this Issue:
Nominees Needed for New OGF President
Technical Strategy and Roadmap Document in Public Comment
Member Satisfaction Survey Results
Affiliate Program Launched
Welcome New Organizational Members ATT and Micron
Important OGF20 Update and other Upcoming Events
OGF19 Highlights and Survey Results
Meet our Four New Area Directors
Seven New Documents Published including Six Recommendations
Closing Comments

Nominees Needed for New OGF President
In October of 2007, Mark Linesch will end his three-year term and hand over the reins of OGF to a new President. During its January meeting, the OGF Board established a search committee to find candidates for this opening position. The Board invites you to play an important role in the process of finding a new OGF President.

The search committee has delivered a Position Description (PD) and has opened a call for nominees. You may send nominations (including self-nominations) to pres-nominations@ogf.org. Submissions and the process for selecting a new President are entirely confidential. The search committee will match the nominee's credentials against the PD and work with the nominee to determine the nominee's availability for the position, including obtaining his/her organizational support.

The call for nominations will remain open until the end of March. All qualifying nominees will be asked to complete a brief "statement of intent" describing his/her perspectives on the current state of OGF and a vision for its future. Upon review of these statements, the search committee will determine a short-list of candidates who will be interviewed in the April via phone with face- to-face interviews scheduled at OGF20 in early May. The committee hopes to have a recommendation to the Board and other leadership committees in early summer so that the individual can be approached well in advance of the October deadline.

The search committee is a collection of individuals representing a broad set of stakeholders in OGF. The individuals and stakeholders they represent include:

Paul Strong, eBay Vice-Chair of Board; Enterprise end-user
Charlie Catlett, ANL Founding Chair, At-Large Board member, eScience
Hiro Kishimoto, Fujitsu At-Large Board Member, GFSG, Asia-Pac community
Fabrizio Gagliardi, Microsoft Advisory Committee, Vendor, European community
Steve Crumb, OGF Executive Director of OGF, Inc., VP of Operations
Mark Linesch, HP Current President

We invite you to send one or more nominations today. Nominations and questions about the position may be sent to pres-nominations@ogf.org.

Technical Strategy and Roadmap Document in Public Comment
The Technical Strategy and Roadmap (TS&R) document is in public comment. Please review this important document before the comment period closes on March 4. The TS&R will be used to align OGF Standards, eScience and Enterprise functions and be the basis for communicating OGF's technical direction to the greater grid and distributed computing community. It describes the long term OGF technical strategy and output plan, specific short-term milestones and target deliverables of the OGF standards working groups and the requirements that serve as the inputs to standards working groups. http://www.ogf.org/gf/docs/?public_comment

Member Satisfaction Survey Results
The results of the recently completed member survey are now available for review by interested members. The OGF Member survey is a bi-annual survey of the OGF membership that has been established to help better understand member requirements and focus on improvements.

The survey results indicated that while overall, 70% of respondents were satisfied with OGF progress, there are also important areas where improvement is needed. Key areas that are both important to our members and in need of improvement include:

  • Having Strong Focus, Direction and Priorities
  • Being Relevant in the Grid Industry
  • Demonstrating Productivity and Efficiency
  • Communicating Standards to the Market Effectively

Throughout the year, OGF is committed to improving these and other aspects of our overall performance. Our key focus areas for 2007 are:

1. Producing Tangible Results Aligned with Stakeholders - Improving management of OGF specification and alignment process to deliver high quality specifications and best practices faster that are adopted by key stakeholders
2. Member Satisfaction and Growth - Increasing active membership participation and satisfaction while improving OGF funding.
3. Event Satisfaction and Growth - Improving event strategies and processes to increase attendance and satisfaction while meeting financial goals
4. Communication Clarity and Effectiveness - Increasing OGF effectiveness in communicating progress and OGF value to key stakeholders (members, software providers, press/analysts, end-users, etc.)

The full set of survey results can be view here http://www.ogf.org/Survey/Member_Satisfaction_Survey_Results.pdf

Affiliate Program Launched
On February 12, we formally announced our worldwide Affiliate Program and our first five organizations participating in the program including: Grid Consortium Japan, Grid Forum- Netherlands, Grid Forum-Korea, The Israeli Association of Grid Technologies (IGT), and Grid Forum-Singapore. The OGF Affiliate program provides an important 2-way communication channel for feedback and alignment on global standardization issues. It enables consortia from around the world to experience the benefits of aligning with OGF's global mission of accelerating grid adoption. Read the full press release http://www.ogf.org/rotate_headers/rotate_affiliate.php

Welcome New Organizational Members ATT and Micron
Welcome to our newest silver level organizational members ATT and Micron. AT&T is recognized as the leading worldwide provider of IP-based communications services to businesses and the leading U.S. provider of wireless, high speed Internet access, local and long distance voice, and directory publishing and advertising services (www.att.com). Micron is one of the world's leading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions including DRAM aFlash components and CMOS image sensor solutions (www.micron.com).

Important OGF20 Update and other Upcoming Events
OGF20 Manchester, U.K. May 7-11, 2007
Registration is now open for OGF20. The early bird period closes March 15, so it is not too early to register now and save money: http://www.ogf.org/OGF20/events_regstrtn_ogf20.php
This event is co-located with the EGEE User Forum and includes the following activities:

  • Keynote and Plenary Presentations by Leading Grid Luminaries
  • Standards Group Sessions and BoFs
  • Enterprise Track Featuring Requirements Alignment, Best Practices and Adoptions Sessions
  • e-Science Track Featuring Technology Updates and Workshops
  • 'Grids Means Business' Industry Program Showcasing Grid Adoption Benefits
  • Vendor Showcase and Exhibit Hall
  • EGEE Demonstration and Poster Session Area
  • Networking and Social Activities

Additional program information is available at http://www.ogf.org/OGF20/events_program_ogf20.php
The exhibit hall and other sponsorships provide a great way to showcase your organization.
Full details are available:
Hotel information is now available http://www.ogf.org/OGF20/events_lodging_ogf20.php.
Remember to book early to secure our negotiated rates.

UD07 Boston March 7-8
Mark Linesch will participate on a panel discussion on Enterprise Application Virtualization at United Devices' 3rd annual conference being held March 7 & 8, 2007 at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston's Copley Square. The theme the event is "Grid in 2007: Virtual Reality". http://www.ud07.com/

Additional Events
Our calendar page provides a full listing of grid and related technology events for 2007 http://www.ogf.org/News/newscal_calendar.php

OGF19 Highlights and Survey Results
Our first event as OGF was very successful. Highlights included our first software providers track that included participation by 13 organizations, 3 e-Science workshops, an all-hands standards session, and much progress made by 34 of our chartered groups. To view the event wrap-up http://www.ogf.org/OGF19/events_ogf19.php To view the results of the event survey http://www.ogf.org/Survey/OGF19_Survey_Results.pdf

Meet our Four New Area Directors
Congratulations to our newest Area Directors In enterprise and marketing:

Cheryl Doninger - End User Adoption
Cheryl is the Director of the Enterprise Computing Infrastructure department at SAS Institute. As director for a large product development group, Cheryl plays a key role in setting the company's technical direction in the areas of software communications, scalability, and grid computing.

Nick Werstiuk - Best Practices
Nick began participation within the OGF at GGF 15 in Boston, representing Platform and supporting technical/architect activities on the OGSA-HPC profile work. He has contributed to the Enterprise area via participation in the OGF sessions on Voice of the Community and Vendor Adoption Forum.

Ravi Subramaniam - End User Requirements
Ravi is a Principal Engineer in the Digital Enterprise Group (DEG) at Intel. His current focus is to help bring an end-user perspective into the design of DEG's processor and chipset products. Ravi is co-chair of the Enterprise Grid Requirements RG and made contributions to the OGSA architecture document.

Walter Stewart - Marketing
Walter is principal of Walter Stewart & Associates. Current engagements include functioning as Senior Advisory Research Capacity Building and Commercialization for the Toronto Region Research Alliance and as Senior Advisor Intelligent Infrastructure for CANARIE. He was active in GGF having been honored with the GGF Leadership Award for "his outstanding leadership and many contributions to the Global Grid Forum mission of pervasive adoption."

Seven New Documents Published including Six Recommendations
The following documents have been published since OGF19. Congratulations to all the authors and working group members involved in getting this important work accomplished!

GFD.99 OGSA(TM) Security Profile 1.0 - Secure Channel RECOMMENDATION
Authors: T. Mori, F. Siebenlist Area: Architecture

GFD.98 Usage Record - Format Recommendation RECOMMENDATION
Authors: R. Mach, R. Lepro-Metz, S. Jackson, L. McGinnis Area: Management

GFD.89 Report for the GGF 15 Community Activity: Leveraging Site Infrastructure for Multi-Site Grids INFORMATIONAL
Author: V. Welch Area: Security

GFD.88 ByteIO OGSATM WSRF Basic Profile Rendering 1.0 RECOMMENDATION
Author: M. Morgan Area: Data

GFD.87 ByteIO Specification 1.0 RECOMMENDATION
Author: M. Morgan Area: Data

GFD.86 OGSA(TM) Basic Security Profile 1.0 - Core RECOMMENDATION
Authors: T. Mori, F. Siebenlist Area: Architecture

GFD.85 CDDLM Configuration Description Language Specification, Version 1.0 RECOMMENDATION
Author: J. Tatemura Area: Management

Closing Comments
The success of OGF depends upon member participation. All of the significant events, activities and accomplishments of the forum are member driven. Please contact any OGF staff member if you want to get involved http://www.ogf.org/About/abt_contact.php. We welcome your input!







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