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November 2006
A look at Past Accomplishments and A Preview of Coming Attractions

Welcome to the new OGF Monthly eNewsletter
New Document Published
Area Directors Named
New Organizational Members
Event Review
Upcoming Events
Individual Members - Activate your 2007 Membership

Welcome to the new OGF Monthly eNewsletter
Each month we will highlight accomplishments for the past month and preview activities planned for the coming month. Please feel free to submit newsletter suggestions and items for consideration to jehrig@ogf.org.

New Document Published
GFD.082 - Grid Information Retrieval System for Dynamically Reconfigurable Virtual Organization
Two important requirements that all Grid application systems should satisfy are to accommodate the dynamic nature of Virtual Organizations (VOs), and to enforce different levels of security among different VOs. This document shows how to implement a Grid Information Retrieval (GIR) system using VO and security mechanisms provided by Globus toolkit 3.0, and shows how GIR system scalability and security can be improved for dynamic VOs. Congratulations to the Grid Information Retrieval Working Group and Author Yangwoo Kim!
Read the full document.

Area Directors Named
Technical Areas are the bedrock of the OGF and our Technical Area Directors manage and facilitate groups, milestones and deliverables in defined areas of expertise such as data, architecture, management, etc.
Ellen Stokes, Management
Ellen is a Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM's Grid Strategy, Architecture, and Standards area. She is Co-chair of GGF/OGSA resource management design team to help OGSA model the resources necessary for Grid and put those model extensions/modifications into the DMTF Common Information Model. Ellen can be reached at stokese@us.ibm.com
Blair Dillaway, Security
Blair is a software architect in the advanced technology incubation group of Microsoft's Chief Research and Strategy Office. He has participated in the OGSA AuthZ WG, providing substantive feedback on the new charter for the WG and commenting on early draft specifications. Blair can be reached at blaird@microsoft.com
David Groep, Security
David has worked in the grid security area for a number of years, initially in the context of the European DataGrid project, continuing in EGEE, where he was responsible for the design of the site access control security services. He has long experience in GGF/OGF, being active in the security area, particularly its internationalization. David can be reached at davidg@nikhef.nl

New Organizational Members
Welcome to our newest organizational members Altair Engineering and CANARIE.
Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Altair Engineering is a leading global product design consulting and technology company. Through engineering, consulting, CAE software solutions and high performance computing technologies, Altair Engineering increases innovation for more than 1,500 clients around the globe. Altair's PBS Professional, operates in networked multi-platform UNIX environments, and supports heterogeneous clusters of workstations, supercomputers, and massively parallel systems. More
Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, CANARIE's mission is to accelerate Canada's advanced Internet development and use by facilitating the widespread adoption of faster, more efficient networks and by enabling the next generation of advanced products, applications and services to run on them. More

Event Review
OGF/ITU-T Next Generation Networks Workshop
On October 23-24, OGF and ITU-T collaborated on a workshop that brought together experts from the grid and next generation network communities. OGF is actively reaching out to communities such as the Telco community to advance Grid adoption, interoperability and scalability. Opportunities for Telco's include: 1) specializing in network SLAs that are optimally suited to Grids; 2) using Grids for their IT internal needs; and/or 3) offering Grids as a managed service to customers.
ITU-T's Global Standards Initiative on Next Generation Network (NGN-GSI) is well under way and is responding to urgent market needs for global NGN standards. NGN offers increased quality and service features for users, independent of the underlying transport technology.
During the two day workshop, graciously hosted by ITU-T at the headquarters in Geneva, OGF and ITU-T discussed current status of our respective work and explored opportunities for alignment and collaboration. The full workshop agenda and presentations including a summary report-out are available at ITU-T/GGF Workshop on Next Generation Networks and Grids

Upcoming Events
SC06 Tampa, Florida November 11-16
OGF will have an exciting announcement regarding this show. Watch for details coming soon.
DMTF Management Developers Conference December 4-7 in Santa Clara, CA
OGF is a sponsor of this event and will by represented by Tom Roney, Ellen Stokes and Fred Maciel who will lead a session on behalf of the Resource Management Design Team. Visit the conference website for more information.
OGF19 Chapel Hill, North Carolina January 29 - February 2, 2007
Program will include a full slate of chartered group sessions, 2 days of eScience workshops, Enterprise sessions, and more. Register now and save up to $100.
OGF20 Manchester, U.K. May 7-11, 2007
Save these dates! Program overview to be announced soon.

Individual Members - Activate your 2007 Membership
Even though 2007 is a couple of months away, OGF is launching its 2007 individual membership program now in order to provide immediate benefit to 2007 members planning to attend OGF19. The fee for 2007 membership is $195 and registered members will receive a $100 discount to all 2007 OGF events. Individuals who are not employed by OGF organizational members may join OGF at http://www.regonline.com/112287. Individuals that registered under the 2006 program are requested to reregister for 2007 at a reduced 2007 annual fee of $100. Individual member benefits can be seen at http://www.ogf.org/Members/members_ind_program.php. Questions may be sent to member-info@ogf.org.

The success of OGF depends upon member participation. All of the significant events, activities and accomplishments of the forum are member driven. Please contact any OGF staff member if you want to get involved. We welcome your input!







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