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About OGF-Europe
On February 19th, OGF announced the exciting news of the creation of OGF-Europe, a 24-month project funded by the European Commission for Mobilizing and Integrating Communities on Grid Standards & Best Practices Globally.

OGF-Europe Strategy

The OGF-Europe project is aligned with OGF's global mission of pervasive Grid adoption through interoperable software standards. Key deliverables include outreach seminars and workshops, adoption challenges and recommendations reports; community surveys, best practice reports and tutorials.

OGF-Europe also co-ordinates an "Industry Experts" council to better understand how European enterprises are dealing with issues surrounding interoperations and standardisation and to engage them in the core work of OGF.

OGF-Europe is aimed at:

  • Bringing enterprise and eScience communities together to break down barriers and foster mainstream Grid adoption.
  • Creating a stronger voice in shaping European and global priorities while emphasising the need for open standards.
  • Synchronising requirements across key stakeholder communities, through stronger engagement from Europe, and accelerating end-user adoption.
  • Ensuring that standards developed are suited to European requirements.
  • Capitalising on the significant innovation in Grid computing that Europe has built so it may be more influential and better recognised globally.

OGF-Europe Web Site

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